Need help finding a bag

  1. My boss knows I like to shop & that I'm pretty good at finding a bargain, so she asked me if I could track down two bags for her...

    One is the Olsen Tote in black - I about fell over laughing on that one!!

    The other I'm not sure what it looks like... She said it was the Cambon Small Pouchette retailed for $795 (pre-increase price). I searched the reference library but came up empty. Can someone help?!

  2. I thought there were a lot of pochettes in the reference library. Try flipping through the pictures under the "post pictures of your Cambons" thread. Otherwise, you can always do a search on eBay for "Cambon pouchette" and I am sure a few pictures will come up. I would recommend playing around with the word descriptions, because sometimes sellers list them as different names (ie, bag, handbag, purse, etc). Good luck ;)
  3. Thanks! I did find some! I sent her a picture of one of the ones I found & she said that the design & size are the same but that it had a chain strap not the 'solid' ones... any ideas? or is she just being scatterbrained?! Oh.. she said the one she saw at NM was bronze (she wanted black) does that help?!
  4. If the pochettes had a chain strap, then it was the Cotton Club ligne pochettes. You can also do a search or check the reference library for the Cotton Club bags. HTH!
  5. ^^She wants "bronze"? That's NOT a Cambon, it's a Cotton Club and could still be available:yes:
    Cambon never came in bronze.
  6. That's the one!!!

    Actually she wants it in Black but the SA couldn't locate one for her...

    Thanks girls!!:flowers: