Need Help DH is going

  1. kill me!!!! Yup Im breaking ban to buy a tote. So it better be a good tote. I cant find one on eBay and I dont want to spend alot of money. Which tote should I get to hold small books and a notebook. My current messenger bag is falling apart so I need something ASAP. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  2. The outlets have some nice ergo totes right now :tup:
  3. I live to far away from the outlets and nobody will drive with me. I kinda wanted the new holiday patchwork but dont know how much it is going for.
  4. Patchwork gallery totes (super roomy!) are 25-30% off at Macy's. Where I am. In Dallas, TX. You should check all the clearance sections in Macy's and Dillards. :smile:

    They also have a bunch of patent gallery totes on clearance as well!
  5. :biggrin: You made me laugh. I'm sorry but that was just so cute! Good luck finding a tote...I really like the sig stripe tote, I have been seeing it irl a bit and it looks comfy and like it can hold a bit without being huge.
  6. Well I went to the Galleria at lunch and got a Dooney and Burke tote for 87.50 which DH was pretty happy about. I didnt want to spend over 100.00 and I got a new bag that is nice but not to nice to hold all my school junk. Thanks for all the suggestions.