Need help deciding which matinee to keep??

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Which mattie should I keep?

  1. Keep the Glazed Espresso

  2. Keep the Sage and Sand

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Hi, girls - I need some help deciding which of my matinees I should keep: the glazed espresso and green or the sage and sand.

    I love the glazed espresso primarily for the "hardiness" of the leather. I'm not concerned with getting it scratched or scuffed, and even tho the leather holds up well, it's still soft and slouchy. I also LOVE the deep richness of the espresso color - with the little bit of sparkle from the glazing!

    I love the sage and sand because that leather is absolutely so buttery!! I just am slightly paranoid about her getting scratched or scuffed if I take her out because the leather is more delicate.

    I think both colors are neutrals and go with most of my wardrobe.... so I'm totally torn!

    Please - can I get some help deciding??

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  2. I vote for keeping the espresso only because I don't really like the sage color all that much. :wtf:
  3. ^ Same here.
  4. I voted GE matinee bc of it's durability. I think you will enjoy it more if you don't have to baby it.
  5. I voted for GE as well because the color is quite beautiful. The Sage, although another great neutral, it doesn't catch my eye so much. I imagine that the Sage is lighter in weight because there isn't a glazing on it.... also I could imagine being a little more paranoid because of its nudity/ fragility.

    Ask yourself which one you would feel happy using and I think you'll have a clear answer. A handbag should do its duty: carry our daily goodies in it fashionably.
  6. I voted for the GE. Seems more hardy and versatile, and if you are afraid to use the sage for fear of hurting it, it's ultimately useless to you!
  7. Another vote for seems like you'll be able to wear it and enjoy it more without being paranoid that something will happen to it!:tup:
  8. How can I be asked to choose???? I love them both, but I too voted for GE. That shade of brown is a great "go with everything" neutral.
  9. I also voted for the GE, because the depth of the color is amazing.
  10. If you can keep only one, then i'd keep the GE... only because the leather will age wonderfully over the years.
  11. I agree with everyone else...if you are going to spend the $, why not keep something that you will use and enjoy on a regular basis?

    And that bag will fly off of ebay, woman!
  12. I voted GE too! It's exactly the bag I've been looking for myself. :blush: I think the color would go with just about everything and not having to baby it as much is a big plus.
  13. I was going to (be the only one, apparently :P) vote for the sage because I love soft leather and I happen to like that color, until I saw the gold HW. That color, IMO, should have silver HW. So, the GE it is.
  14. i have both colours and i love both of them (using my sage today)~
    yes sage may seem more delicate, but i don't baby my bags so i have to say that its not as delicate as it seems~ i leave mine on the floor half the time (don't hate me) and its held up well!
  15. I had and sold a GE matinee and will NEVER EVER get over that mistake:crybaby: