Need help deciding on noe!


Which noe should I buy?

  1. Mandarin Epi

  2. White MC

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Ok, I've decided to buy a noe because I love the shape and have been looking at a couple on ebay. One option that I absolutely love is the MC noe, which is ending very soon. I love the multicolor line, but am hesitant to get this one because I already have a white MC speedy, and don't want to do MC overkill. The other noe that I am watching is the mandarin epi. I would love to own an epi piece since I don't currently own one and I think the orange color is absolutely gorgeous! And since the color is discontinued, it would be a good investment. So.... which do you think I should bid on?!?
  2. I know you have the MC Speedy already but I like the style of the MC Noe. I saw a black MC Noe just last weekend and it's really gorgeous:love:
  3. I voted white MC noe, seen this in the LV shop a few months ago and it is gorgeous in real life.:P
  4. I say go for the manadarin epi. The MC is gorgeous but like you said, you already own a MC speedy and the mandarin epi is also, oh so beautiful. Plus, this color is going to be discontinued.
  5. I'm a huge mandarin epi fan so I say go for that before you can't get it anymore, I LOVE my mandarin epi items!
  6. Both bags are gorgeous. If you didn't have the speedy, I would have voted the white mc. But mandarin epi is wonderful and an epi noe will look new forever -- it just wears like iron.
  7. I have a black MC noe so I'm a little biased. The noe is completely different from the speedy so if you love MC, my vote is for the mc noe :smile:
  8. MC Noe is STUNNING but I would have to say Epi in Mandarin because you already have MC bag.:yes:
  9. I voted for the Epi because for some reason, I just really like the Noes in Epi.
  10. My vote is for mandarin. Of course, I love the color orange.
  11. I vote for the Mandarin epi! I have an epi petit noe, and like lulilu said, epi lasts foreverrrrrr...also it is discontinued...go for the epi!
  12. Thanks everyone who voted! It seems like the consensus is mandarin epi. I wanted to know what is a fair price for a used mandarin petite noe?

  13. well new is in the mid $900 I think so I'd say as long as it's in good shape I'd like to be saving a little money buying used so maybe I'd pay up to $700-$750, I dunno, I don't do the ebay thing though........
  14. I don't know about mandarin but my blue epi noe cost my SIL US$300.00 when she bought it for me!!!:nuts: You can luck out with pretty good deals if you take your time on eBay!

    Sorry, I just called my SIL and she said it wasn't $300.00 but $450.00 which is still pretty good!:wlae:
  15. Thanks girls!

    LV_addict: was your blue noe in pristine condition? I'm wondering cuz I'm wathching a mandarin noe on ebay and it's $600, but the lining is dirty! Is that a steep price for a noe that is obviously used?