Need Help Choosing - Which Purple MAC

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  1. I'm looking to buy my last bag before I put myself on a ban since we're buying a house. And I've decided on a purple MAC. I've found 3 on Bonanza I like. Opinions & Input needed!!! :smile:

    1. It's listed as a mini but its full size EUC

    2. Says it may be "road runner purple" NWT

    3. I liked the deeper purples rather than the Grape but the price is hard to pass up on this one EUC
  2. *~*I like the first two the most, and out of those I'd go with the second. Good luck!*~*
  3. The leather on the 3rd one is my preference. I've heard great things about this leather too.

    The 2nd looks too stiff, too dark, and easily scratchable to me. The 1st looks similar to the 2nd one.
  4. I think I like the third the best. The first would be my second choice.
  5. Grape, hands down, the leather is amazing on that one, and the color is divine!!
  6. Another vote for Grape!
  7. Yes Grape. I've been looking for a grape MAB, and every time I see the mac I wish I could do smaller bags. Go for the grape. :smile:
  8. I like the third one (grape) the most as well!
  9. Grape it is ;) I asked her earlier today to hold it for me until Friday. I'm expecting a small bonus from work so what better way to spend it than on a new RM.

    I'd forgotten that my iPad cover was grape as well and I do love that color! Ill be sure to post pics when she arrives. I also have a navy Luxe Mac on the way. I'm finally trying to add some color to my collection :smile:
  10. Wow what a great price on the grape!
  11. Is it bad to buy two purple bags in the same week? Haha. I'm debating getting a Viola Cupid as well. Totally different purples so it's okay, right?!:whistle:
  12. Lol of course!! ESP if the viola cupid is a good deal!!
  13. Haha that's what makes it so hard to pass up!!!

    that will be my third purple! I have an Eggplant MAM then will be purchasing the Grape MAC and Viola Cupid.

    But then thats it! I swear I'm going on a Ban after that ;)
  14. I have a MAM in grape so the grape is amazing. But the second MAC looks similar in color to the Vintage Violet Min Beloved I own.. and I own the PH MAC with gunmetal hardware.. Which color MAC matches your personality and wardrobe best? That's another way to decide..
  15. Haha any of them would really.. I've really been gravitating towards purple a lot lately in bags. Normally I don't go for many colors. I have an Eggplant MAM which covers the rich purple. I really think I've decided on the Grape for the MAC. And then I think I'm also going to get a Cupid in Viola.

    Might as well go out with a bang before my ban huh? ;)