Need help choosing a necklace...Tiffany Bean or Zales Clover??


Jun 1, 2006
Hello all! I am trying to decide between two necklaces. I am looking for something I can wear everyday and that I can layer with a diamond solitaire necklace. I am trying to decide between the Tiffany Mini Bean in Silver or this clover necklace from Zales:

I am leaning towards the bean because I like the idea of having something in just plain silver that won't compete with the solitaire (it's not very big, not sure about ct weight) I'm also not sure of the clover size, it's not listed anywhere that i can see.

Which one do you think I should go for? Or do I order both and return the one I don't like? Thanks!!


Mar 22, 2007
The Bean for sure. First it's classic, second its just silver and third those diamonds in the zales one are low quality as all get out, and not at all worth that price.