Need help, calling all experts!

  1. I've been dying for this bag for a long time and I finally decided to really start searching for it but before I do I need your help.

    This is the bag on the right :

    I need to know how old is this style? Is it considered vintage or? What price can I expect to pay if I find one in mint condition. Does anyone have one? If so please post pictures. Does it have an official name? Thanks, I appriciate all the help I can get! :smile:
  2. no one knows anything about this bag ? :sad:
  3. Hi Habibty,I was making a search cause I recalled having seen this bag and it turned out that you had got it one year ago :wtf:!!!What happened ?:confused1:
  4. i know what thread you are talking about and it's because i had a different image uploaded under same name which then was deleted. then i uploaded this with same name and i guess it replaced the picture in the old thread.

    dont know if that made any sense. lol
  5. Yeap it does now!Maybe if you can track the time the pic was taken -unfortunately I can't see the faces if they are celebrities -it might help you find out when it was released! there have been 2-3 Fers I think that got a similar bag in blue and red with a tassel too and they were vintage as far as I remember ..I'll make a search if they got the same bag ..

  6. They aren't celebs :smile: The picture was taken last winter. Yes I'm sure it's vintage now but it's hard to find I guess. I tried to search with no luck.

    Thanks for the link, it's also very pretty in blue! But I really want to find a black one :sad:
  7. By the way that one is black!! Also i know that is a good seller, but like i said just authenticate if you are interested. Hope that helps!!
  8. ive seen that exact bag a lot on eBay. I favorite a few sellers on ebay who have been known to sell only authentic items and one usually comes up every couple of weeks. just keep searching, and good luck to you :smile: