need help buying a gift

  1. I need to buy a birthday present for my son's GF, who loves Coach.

    My son, who is going through a divorce, is pretty broke and told me not to buy her a bag because it would be very uncool if I spent more on her gift than he did.

    So, what can you Coach girls reccomend as not too lavish birthday gift from the Coach store?

    She is in her late 20s and generally has what I would consider a "classic" style.

    The Coach bag that I see her carrying most often is black and she wears black framed Coach sunglasses all the time.

    I was thinking maybe a scarf or a charm, any suggestions?
  2. How about a wristlet?
  3. Seconding the wristlet... there was a really cute new one (in black) that could double as a clutch in a thread a couple weeks ago. (Trying to track it down...)
  4. Got it...Hamptons Vintage Leather Wristlet, but it's $198 (more than I remembered). The thread is here.
  5. I agree - a wristlet or maybe a mini skinny?
  6. Thanks, I will be out looking at wristlets this afternoon!

    Are the prices the same at the Coach stores and department stores?
  7. yes they should be the same price, unless the department store is running a sale. Good luck! Let us know what you decide!!!
  8. I would deff get a wristlet or minni skinny!
  9. You should find an outlet. The price you pay for a wristlet at department and coach stores you could add $20 and get a purse!

    What I wouldn't do for saving money!
  10. Definately go for the writstlet. They're so versatile, I''m sure she would find a great use for it as a clutch, wallet, makeup bag, etc.
  11. If you have a Dillards in your area, go there first and see what they have on sale right now.
  12. Or, if you don't have a Dillards, try Macy's. They are having a 25% off sale, as well. :yes:
  13. No Dillards here, but there is an outlet close by, so that will probably be my first stop.

    Thanks again:okay:
  14. I think something small but sweet would be one of the picture key fobs either the heart or the little signature snap one (dont know the real name) with a picture of the 2 of them together in in would be great.