Need help ASAP re: a purchase I just made

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  1. Ok, I posted the pic of this bag and got some FB saying that the bag that is supposed to come from Hawaii looks exactly like the one on eBay.

    Bag from Hawaii


    Bag on eBay - by the flossy flossy


    Her auction here:

    Note : She also uses the same Leopard print background in her photos ...

    Example :


    Auction here :

    I smell something fishy and I am very unsettled. What am I suppose to do? I wrote to the person who is supposed to pick up the bag for me a while ago and hope she will get back to me ASAP.
  2. so what happened pink peony??
  3. I wouldn't want to speculate so I am waiting for the person to email me back.

    leen619 : I'll PM you.
  4. whered you get your bag from btw? I thought it was via eBay?
  5. No, it was not through eBay. Someone will be picking it up for me from Hawaii.
  6. oh humm... if it's not flossy then the pic was stolen IMHO
  7. I am just totally threw off by this whole thing actually.
  8. well flossy does come from hawaii tho also. so it still could be her? that's a semi upside? lol we'll see tomorrow :smile:
  9. yes it's still from flossy per se.. -her mom lives there i heard. so i'm sure she'll get that same bag. =)
  10. That looks like the same bag. I was looking for awhile to see if I could see a difference but I cant... How could the picture be stolen if there's different backgrounds? Have you paid already? And if you did was it through paypal where you can file a claim? Maybe it's nothing and you should wait for the email. Hope everything turns out ok..:tup:
  11. From what I know, flossy lives in Hawaii and her mom lives in Massachusetts (I believe)...
  12. Thanks so much girls! I am definitely feeling so much better now ..
  13. flossy does live in hawaii - or at least the denaro i got from her came from there...
  14. but good catch noticing the same bags with different backgrounds! =)

    that's right.. flossy hawaii.. mom in mass. lucky to have connections for those discontinued bags!
  15. You girls are like Sherlock Holmes! Great investigative work everyone. I appreciate everyone's help; :smile: