Need Help...Agonizing Over Pale Magenta Decision!

  1. Ok, I've been trying to figure this out on my own, but I think I really need some help!! I have been trying so hard to decide whether or not to buy the Pale Magenta. I had originally waitlisted for a City right after the swatches were posted in October. But then, after seeing some of the photos posted by other TPFer's that came from SA's (1st photo, below), trunk shows, etc. I felt that the color was definitely not for me and declined when BalNY called to say that my bag had arrived.


    Then as the bag started arriving there where photos showing the bag as a beautiful Orchid-like color with lots of purple understones running through them:

    Pale Magenta_Closest to IRL.jpg Pale Magenta PT.jpg

    And I started to think that I must have one!! But I have continued to see more photos where the bag looks more fushia than anything else and I'm dying to know what this bag looks like IRL!! I have spoken to several different SA's at different stores in an attempt to have them describe the color and have heard everything from pale fushia to lilac!!

    If you've seen this bag IRL, please help!!
  2. I was told by SA at BalNY that it is close to a darker version of the recent Lilac than it is to the last Magenta.

    I haven't seen IRL, but am getting the RH Pale Magenta WE as soon as I get the call and I am certain that it will be super:love: sexy!
  3. Here are some pics from around the forum.

    The lone bag is the 08 Pale Magenta.

    The Hillary & Lilo are the Lilac.

    The last one is the last Magenta from Balenciaga.
    _lilacvoyage.jpg lilobbag.JPG palemagentagiantsilverpt.jpg.JPG NR 14.jpg
  4. I saw Pale Magenta IRL at Neimans, and it does look most like your lilac pics posted. Definately not like 05 Magenta. I liked it alot better in the First than the city. The leathers I saw weren't all that great. They were labeled Agneau. Also got to compare them next to the BubbleGum pink - BG had much better silkier leather than the pale magentas.

    I would have come home with either a Magenta First or BG Pink Day:p, but I just bought a Violet First and Tomato City and swore up and down it would be my last for a while!
  5. [​IMG]

    Haven't been able to concentrate a damn thing on what's said in this thread... been hyptnotized by this vision...:shocked::shocked::shocked:
  6. ^oh I know, Deco, this bag is so beautiful it's not even fair! More styles need to come in already!
  7. [​IMG]

    If the Pale Magenta looks anything like this, I'd be :drool::heart::love:
  8. i'm a magenta lover, but i'm not sure i like this new shade. if i'd buy one i think i'd look for one of the older season.
  9. I've only seen one pale magenta IRL, in a First, I wasn't crazy about the leather, it was sort of pebbly. The color is great, very much like the lilac. It will probably soften, it just might take a little longer.
  10. If I ordered one, I would be very specific and say that I do not want one that appears to be dry or really marbely looking. I would ask for silky leather. Have them send you pics first, ask for Kim, she is the most accomodating IMHO. Good Luck!
  11. Definitely ask for pics first! I went to Boston Chestnut hill Barney's today to look at the magenta cities they got it. They had two, both REALLY distressed and veiny in the extreme - which is not what I want in a bbag. I've seen pics here of magenta 08 bbags that were nice and smooth and not so veiny, so if you have a preference, DEFINITELY be specific, and also ask for pics!
  12. The more recent lilac isn't the color of Hillary/ Lilo color. That's 2004 lilac.
  13. I totally agree with this. I had one delivered from NM went back in the box and is going back asap. I cannot believe how DRY this bag was. Really dissapointing.:tdown:
  14. Me too! I am HOPING for this look:love:~~(still patiently awaiting a RH work)