Need help.. 3rd stam ???

  1. Hi, I need someone to help me to make up my mind. I have black stam and putty stam from Spring’06. I am really in love with the MJ stam, thinking to get mouse stam…
    Don’t know if I should spend the money on the same bag… since I already have 2 stams.. should I get 3rd stam ??? can’t make up mind….
  2. if you love it annd can get some use out of the new color, grab it!!
  3. If you really love it, then yes get it, but on the same token do you really need a 3rd stam? I have 2 Be & D Crawford totes in different colors b/c I love the bag, but I think to get a 3rd would really be overdoing it and I wouldn't enjoy the two I have. The colors you have now the Black and Putty are two great colors that are two extremes that are seasonal and will go with anything. While the Mouse looks pretty, I think they two you have are better. JMO.


    Also, to think..while this style currently is showing staying may go out of style in years to come...would you want three of the same bag? Again, if you really love it, then get it.
  4. Definitely not!
  5. I think it's okay to have three of the same bag (look at all the B-bag girls), but if I were buying my 3rd Stam I'd hold out for a color that was very different from what I already owned. I think you could probably wear your putty bag with the same colors as the mouse, so I'd wait next season and see what colors come out. A Stam in a vibrant color would make a wonderful addition to your collection!
  6. Just my opinion but I wouldn't go for a 3rd Stam.
  7. step away from stam #3...slowly...
  8. I agree. I've done that before... buy a bag I love in multiple colors. And you know what happens? You wind up carrying just one. MAYBE two. But not three. Only way I'd consider it is if it's a very different color. I agree with previous posts... Mouse isn't different enough.
  9. Thanks so much everyone, you are right, maybe I shouldn’t get 3rd stam and mouse is not different enough. I will just stay with my black & putty and will wait till next season to see if there are new colors.
    I will force myself step away from 3rd stam slowly… no regret afterwards….
    : )
  10. If it was up to my ex and I was in your situation, he would tell me not to get a 3rd stam because I need more "variety" in my handbag collection
  11. The fact that you are questioning it, leads me to believe the answer is "no." If you can't make up your mind, then wait until you find another bag that you simply can't live without. I also agree with the other posters that a third may be a bit of overkill.
  12. As much as you love the style, I think you should wait and see if something else captures your eye. If not a Stam, how about something newer in the line - like the hobo or east/west bag?

    They are really gorgeous bags in person.
  13. NO!! ....I did so with Balenciaga bags - now I can't stand the sight of tassels and black lining :shame:
    Don't buy a 3rd ... Do you like Blake?