Need gift help!!!!

  1. Not sure if this is the best place, if not, please move this thread:

    Have a friend, who because of job constraints, cannot accept "big" gifts. But, since she is a friend, I really want to get her something meaningful and appreciable for her upcoming birthday.

    She loves Chanel (bags), Dior(shoes) & St. John(suits). She also wears Chloe and has some Furla, Coach, Burberry bags, etc.

    I was thinking a key chain or some other trinket, but any ideas would be very helpful at this point!

  2. Big as in pricey? The key chain idea sounds good, Burburry would have accessories like scarves, hats, umbrellas, Coach has great gloves.

    What about a spa treatment? Something she wouldn't necessarily do for herself.
  3. what is your price range?
  4. I think it probably needs to stay under $100.
  5. i think a spa treatment sounds fab!
  6. i don't klnow if you can get this under a 100 bucks but maybe you can find it at an outlet. I really love the burberry wool scarves and they are very usefull
  7. You can get her a cute wallet / make up bag from Burberry or Coach at the outlets!

    I agree with the Burberry scarf idea too...
  8. micamynx, is it too late to make suggestions now? :smile: Anyway, in case you need suggestions for gifts later, and are interested in jewelry, how about something by jennlyn54, just one of many talented jewelry designers on Etsy (I love that site)?

    Aquamarine, fluorite and pearl necklace
    $62 plus $4.55 shipping to the US


    jennlyn54 is in Charlotte, NC.

    Love the look of this necklace:

    "He loves me"

  9. dior earrrings