Need everyone's help in locating a Luxury Bowler (please!! it's not for me!)

  1. Hi ladies! So I usually do not post (I'm a very big lurker).. but I really really really need everyone's help. I understand that the luxury bowlers are really hard to find and usually I would just give up but THIS IS NOT FOR ME. I really want to find one for my sister- she has been the most amazing person in my life and we just found out that she is sick. I know that she has been working at Nordstrom for a while to save up money to buy herself a Chanel bag with her discount but she is now quitting (her manager is not very understanding :cursing:, my parents are about ready to go berserk on HR about her actually!). I know that the luxury bowler was the bag that made her fall in love with Chanel and I REALLY want to find this bag for her. I saw several on eBay but if anyone has any leads I would SO SO appreciate it! Lucky for me, I think she liked the salmon/coral color as much as she liked the black. So I am really trying to locate one for her.. I know they went on sale a couple months ago but still... Please help me! I can't deal with her being sick so I am throwing myself into finding things that will make her happy. She is devastated right now and I really really want to be there for her like she has always been there for me. She is my big sis:heart: and is just amazing.

    WOw, this has just turned into a mini therapy session.. I'm sorry ladies! My therapist said that I am not talking enough about this.. lol maybe that's why the purse addiction has gotten worse.

    So please ladies, if anyone knows anything about a medium sized luxury bowler (non patent, she hates patent) in the coral or black or even khaki or silver or pretty much anything but the white or patent, please let me know. PLEASE.. I would appreciate ANYTHING! Please PM me if you know of any leads. THank you so much ladies in advance.. tPF is amazing:heart: and it's been great to surf here late at night when I can't sleep.. :sad:
  2. Hey hun, I would suggest calling your nearest Chanel boutique or Saks, Nordstrom's and see if they can locate one for you.
    I did see a salmon bowler up on eBay a few days ago but I think that auction is finished. But they are out there!
    I do see a couple of metallic bowlers on ebay but if you are thinking of getting one that way, make sure you post the auction in tpf's chanel authenticate this thread to make sure you are getting the real deal.

    I really hope your sister gets better, you sound like an amazing person too.:heart:
  3. I'm sorry to hear about your sister. Good luck in finding a special present for her.
  4. I know that Nordstrom boutiques only have the patent leather bowler left.
  5. The dark red might still be available. It's been a while, but the Chanel boutique at Tysons Corner had the red bowler. Good luck in your search!:smile:
  6. Is this the one you're looking for?
  7. I think jemznjewels, an online reseller but this one has not been used has a salmon one. DGJeans on ebay was selling 2 salmon ones so he may still have some that he has not sold. Otherwise would suggest calling the 1800 number for Chanel..... All the best.

  8. I saw a metallic gold luxury bowler at SCP today.
  9. Saw few coral luxe bowlers over ebay.. You might want to check them out..
  10. :drool: Sounds :drool:!!
  11. saw metallic gold luxe bowler too at saks portland oregon 3 or 4 days ago.
  12. Ladies, you all are so wonderful! THank you so so so much for all the PMs regarding the bowler! I have called every store recommended to me, and even though I have not found a bowler yet, I am on the list for one that is coming in soon! Thanks to the wonderful tPF-er who lead me the way to her SA... soon, my sister will have her beautiful bag! And in black, nonetheless! Thank you all so so so so much!!!!!
  13. Awe..this was so nice. I am really glad that you located one for your sister!!! TPF ladies are the best!
  14. So glad to hear it!