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  1. Yesterday I saw a Coach bag that I loved and need in my life.

    My problem is that I can't find it anywhere and also, it already had an owner.

    I have no photos but I hope my description will help.

    It was about the size and shape of a Peyton bag with a similar strap. It was leather with the Coach emblem stamped near the top. The straps were brown leather and also went down the sides with smaller straps making a y shape on each side.
    I've spent hours on google, ebay,, and everyplace else I could think of attempting to find a photo but can't.
    Any ideas ladies?
  2. Which peyton was it similar to?
  3. Like this?


    If so it's a Carly.
  4. The lg woven shoulder bag
  5. YES! Oh god thank you. I'll begin my search anew.

    Thank you thank you very much.
  6. The Carly came in all different sizes, colors, and materials. Just do a search here on Tpf for Carly and you should be able to find a TON of info on them.
  7. Yeah, you may luck up at an outlet but probably gonna have to search on the Bay or Bonanzle to find one. Just be careful, lots of fakes out there!
  8. good call fox0r. I have a Carly and it definitely did not come to mind. I was having issues wrapping my brain around the description.

    Good luck finding a Carly; it's a great bag!
  9. The Zoe's are pretty close to the Carly's. The bottoms are different, but they have the same type of handle. In the boutique currently there is the Petyon should bag that I think looks a lot like the Carly too.

    They have been discontinued for a while now, so finding them in outlets will be hard unless someone has returned them.
  10. LuvsElvis nope, it's definitely a Carly.

    I have another question in regards to this purse though. Did it ever come in pink with the leather accents being brown? I've found a lot of suede and signiture Carly's but none like I'm looking for.
  11. Is there a possibility the one you saw could be a fake? There are a lot of fake carlys around.
  12. The Carly did NOT come in Pink Leather with brown trim.

    Tano did a pink bag in the same style as the carly. you may want to check out Tano.

  13. It had a Coach stamp so I'm likely lemming a replica...dangit!