Need all of your opinions on this top...

  1. Front


  2. it's cute but i prefer the black one than the white. it would look really great with some jeans.
  3. It's cute :smile: love the black color more though ;)
  4. I think its darling...I love the detail on the back. I like both colors..
  5. I love the white one, it is so clean and fresh for the spring and summer. Which one are you planning to get?
  6. Cute if you are under 30...otherwise maybe a little bare. I would buy it for my daughter...
  7. Sorry, not for me. too bare IMO but I am judging as if I was to wear it myself!
  8. the black one is really cute:yes:
  9. I like it! get it! :smile:
  10. I don't know yet, but there's also a brown one that i forgot to post....
  11. I like the brown the best.
  12. wow i love it in both colors. where can i get it? so cute with a pencil skirt or jeans
  13. its from bebe. : bebe
  14. i don't like that it's open in the back, i'd only wear it if i was going out at night.
  15. I like it in white. The open back isn't my style (a little to bare for me) so I'd probably wear a lightweight tank top under it, but it is very cute :yes: