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  1. I am so confused!! I already have the money for a new bag but I don't know what to get :sad: I have been eyeing the Tivoli PM for some time now but the only thing that holds me back is I can't wear it on my shoulder. The Tivoli GM is just too huge for my 5', 105 lb frame. I also like the Totally PM in Azur since it is a shoulder bag but I am worried about the color transfer. I am undecided about the Rivington Cabas...........opinions needed please.......what do I get. I was originally wanting a Shoulder Ebene bag so I can wear in the winter but I am not totally in love with any of them......ughh!!!!!
  2. Same problem here with Ebene shoulder bag! Have a Speedy Ebene & really want a shoulder bag, but just not in LOVE with any of them. Like several of them: Neverfull MM, Saleya MM, Hampstead MM, etc. Wish I hadn't missed the Galliera in Ebene. There is chatter of that bag next year, but who knows when next year. I am contemplating either Neverfull or Saleya I think for a shoulder Ebene and then a more fun Mono like Galliera or something. Good luck!
  3. I don't mind the Hampstead MM - I have it in azur and find it very practical!
  4. Rivington cabas!
  5. Tivoli pm
  6. well, at least I'm not alone ;) I was supposed to be getting an everyday bag in damier but there's nothing that really makes my heart beat faster. I would like a Stresa in ebene...
    The Tivoli is a cute bag... The Cabas Rivington seems too pricey but it's a cute bag, just don't know if it's worth that money. As to the Totally in azur, I've been wearing my NF in azur since January and had just a small color transfer problem which I solved easily with a grease remover.
  7. Well, I went ahead and just ordered the Tivoli PM!!! This is one of my dream I just figured I'd get it. I will wait until something in Ebene comes out next year!!
  8. Do you have any interest in the Verona? The MM can be worn on the arm as well as on the shoulder. To me, it looks similar to the Trivoli, although the bottom of the bag is more structured. Very cute bag though!
  9. Another vote for Verona MM. The PM is cute but I don't think it can be carried ocer the shoulder.
  10. Good choice. I too am waiting for the Galliera in Ebene to come out permanently next year! I hope the rumours are true!
  11. I think that was a good thing to do. The thing is you will not end up just having one or two LV bags. :graucho: So, get what strikes your fancy right now and then there will be something else very soon that you end up wanting!
  12. sounds like you made a great decision! looking forward to your modelling pics.
  13. Congrats. You won't regret it. It took me over a year to finally get over the fact that it's a handheld bag but it'll just be another excuse to get a LV shoulder bag! :graucho:
  14. Can't wait to see your Tivoli!
  15. Of your choices, I prefer the Tivoli PM - so pretty. Congrats!