Need Advice!!

  1. This will be my first boot pruchase. I am always a "flats" girl, which is the main reason why this FRYE boots caught my eyes. But my only concern is its color. I am thinking the color might not be very versatile to match clothes. Any thoughts on the boots? Should I hunt for a black flat one?
    FRY 341 REVOLVE.jpg
  2. For your first boot purchase I would def. go for black or brown. An off white is nice, but black or brown will be much less maintenance and everyone needs a pair of each really...
  3. I love them! I'm really obsessed with white lately. Although I do think these are the kind of boots you only pull out once in a while because they'll get dirty easily (for obvious reasons). :yes: If possible, you should keep that pair and look for another in black or brown like jfhave suggested.
  4. Wow!
    I've never really thought of white boots before...
    I guess as long as you dress far away from go go dancer and go more towards classy or even contemporary, it would work!
    But I agree with missisa about the dirtiness... they would only work on non rainy days and nice clean roads. :smile:
  5. I really like them. I used to have a pair of white boots and I always thought they watched really well with anything I was wearing.
  6. I would definitely go with a black pair for your first time around. You will get much more mileage out of them. Boots are pretty pricey, so you want to get the most bang for your buck.