Need advice re ebay

  1. I've received a ton of questions on my bags. Anyway, someone asked a ton of questions re wuthenticity, condition, tag numbers, etc. She then asks if I would goffer a return guarantee on the chance that the bag is fake.......

    So, I check her feedback and completed auctions.....100% feedback, but her last purchase was a fake b I am afraid she'll claim mine is fake, and return the fake to me. Any, I told her that my fear was she would return a fake bag to me, but I didn't say that I knew she had bought a fake.

    Did I do the right thing? I didn't want to offend her, but why in the world would you pay around $200 for a fake then 2 weeks later buy the real thing and ask about guarantees? In that case, she should have returned the other bag, or posted neg feedback, right? Hope I'm not overreacting.............

    I also pointed her to Atelier Naff and TPF for info.........
  2. You TOTALLY did the right thing, I'm sure people who will have no worries will bid - and you wont have to worry about the hassle with her. I'm always cautious, especially on Ebay.

    Goodluck with your auctions!
  3. I don't think you did the wrong thing. It is your decision whether or not to offer a money back guarantee and just because she requests one, does not mean you have to provide it.

    There are tags that you can buy and fasten on to your bag to ensure that it is the same bag oyu sent out. I just don't know where you get these- but maybe someone here can tell you a bit more.

    You did the right thing IMO!!! Good luck with your auction!
  4. Thanks ladies! I feel better......
  5. yes this is one of the latest scams imo, pressing on and on about a money back guarantee in case the bag is fake...we saw it in action a few weeks ago when a correspondence between a seller and buyer was printed here by the seller because she or he was terrified of the buyers aggressive questioning about a money back guarantee and felt sure she was going to return a fake bag.. The seller finally lied and said that he had spilled coffee of the bag and the buyer said they still wanted the bag (and could they return it in case it was found to be fake?!)

    There are a lot of nuts on ebay but they don't seem to cover their tracks too buy the fake version on EBAY two weeks before bidding on a real one on EBAY and belabouring the money back guarantee????? Not very swift
  6. Definitely shady!
  7. Honestly, I think you should have a no return policy..but if you insist, do that security tag thing
  8. you totally did the right thing. I have seen more and more of this scam lately. fakes are even being returned to retail stores.
  9. When I have sold on ebay I have not taken returns and when I sold a B'bag, I was too paranoid about being cheated to even invoke my usual rules. I was much more strict about who I would sell to, etc.
  10. but what if the reason that buyer insisted on a money-back guarantee was because she was scammed once, with the fake b-bag she bought 2 weeks before, and she just wanted to make sure that she won't be scammed for the second time?

    The same thing happened to me; i purchased a bag which turned out to be fake, luckily the seller refunded my money back. After that I made another bid for another bag sold by someone else (which is authentic) only after I sent a message to the other seller for this guarantee. For me it's just another layer of protection as I don't want to be scammed twice.
  11. Was the fake bag that she bought the same color as your current auction? she could be a scammer or she could totally be paranoid about being ripped off again. what else has she purchased recently?
    maybe that could be another clue?
  12. Good point, which is actually what happened (she did e-mail me again). I am still wary to give a guarantee though. I guess I am overly paranoid and after being burned by liars on ebay (not handbag related, lol) I have a hard time trusting my fellow ebayers.
  13. Tori, I attach a tag to all my bags. I use those adhesive wristbands, and stamp it in a way that would be hard to replicate. I have also taken to photograph the bag WITH the tag on. (I know, I'm getting really paranoid!) I also give 3 days for them to authenticate. If you only refund for authenticity, and obviously your bag is authentic, there's no problem! But I know it's hard, I'm waiting for the day some idiot sends me back a fake.
  14. whoa bella that is really smart.
  15. it is always a good idea to put a sellers mark on it somewhere (usually freaks out the people who are scammers).
    Also...if you are really worried about her bidding and then doing this you might want to put her on a blocked bidders list.