Need advice please

  1. Here's my situation: bought a Marc Jacobs bag off ebay from a seller with an authenticity guarantee (NEVER would have completed purchase if not for that). I get the bag and it is fake, however, it is an amazingly realistic fake, and I could see how she (and I) would be fooled. I emailed her telling her that I am questioning bag's authenticity for following reasons...and then I ask for receipts from where she bought it. Turns out it's Designers Imports (GROAN). I emailed her back telling her that they sell fakes (why are they still doing business on web????) and that regardless that it's a $1000 bag that I got for less, I paid for an authentic bag, and it's not. So far no answer to that email. I emailed her again telling her that after thinking it over, I want a refund, b/c she clearly gave an authenticity guarantee in her listing. I haven't heard from her. Now what? I would rather not have to file complaints with everyone, but I did complete my Paypal transaction with a credit card and I am wondering if I should call them and place transaction in dispute. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I think you should contact paypal, and start a dispute. Tell them you got a fake. Also if the seller doesn't respond tell her that you will start a dispute, and hopefully there she can just give you a refund.
  3. If you don't hear back from her within 12 hrs of your original email asking for a refund then go directly to your paypal account and open a dispute. If you try and do it through ebay I think you have to wait 10 days after the purchase to file, it can be done through paypal right away.
    However, it would be better to try and resolve the situation directly with the seller as I believe by going through paypal you have to get the bag authenticated. This can be a hassle as some store aren't willing to do this.
    Don't forget if you mail the item back to the seller add signature confirmation and print your label through the usps website and it provides free tracking and a link to email the receiver of the return. Having electronic proof is a big plus.
    Good luck!
  4. I would just avoid the headache of dealing with the seller and file a dispute with ebay. Once ebay contacts the seller, more than likely she will respond back to you, and get your refund.
  5. Thanks for advice everyone! The seller keeps asking me for proof that Designers Imports sells fakes. I think she has other bags from them and is upset that they are fake.
  6. I'm sorry to hear about what happened.
    If possible, would you please post that listing or the seller's store?
  7. Yes, please post the listing, we will take a look at it and let you know if it's real... and you can tell her to come here so she can see herself.
  8. I actually already took it to Marc Jacobs in Los Angeles and they verified for me that it's fake. It's obvious in person, less obvious in pictures, but I'll post the listing for you too, if you still want it. I'm waiting for her response today, and if she still won't offer me the refund that SHE promised, I'm opening a Paypal dispute. What do you guys think?
  9. Yes, would like to see the listing (to see pictures to determine whether it's obvious or too good to tell) or the seller's store (to stay away from).
  10. I can't wait to see the pictures.
    Which style is this bag?
    Is it from the Soft Calf or Quilted Collection?
    Was it authenticated by members here before?
  11. You may be asked to submit a letter from marc Jacobs stating it is fake, and so forth
  12. I would go straight to my credit card and avoid the hassle of paypal. That's the reason I only use Amex when I buy on line/through paypal.
  13. If you are uncomfortable with posting the info, would you please tell us which bag this is? I'm dying to know.
  14. If you bought it OFF Ebay there is nothing you can do with PayPal or Ebay. Just contact your cc company and maybe they will cancel this transaction. I've been in sutiation like that twice and sellers simply ignored me after all. Other thing you could try is to list it on Ebay and sell it as non-authentic, so you'll not get negative... at least you get some of your money back.
  15. bag.lover, check your PM as I left you a message.