Need advice on selling

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  1. Hey girls! I know I just purchased the petite noe a few weeks ago, but now that I have the speedy 30 (which I love so much), I can not justify having two LV mono bags; especially when I need a wallet.

    Here are my questions; what would be the best way to sell my bag? I do not want to take too big of a loss on it. I am afraid if I list it with a million pics on Ebay that bidding will stall because I am not a "mypoupette" seller. Would I be better off having it consigned? Also, I ordered a new draw string for the bag even though it really was not necessary. My cc has not been charged yet so I assume I can still cancel the order. That would be a little over $40. Do you think it is worth investing in a new drawstring (will it make the value go up)? Or should I just sell as is?

    Any advice would be appreciated!!
  2. Is the drawstring on the bag broken, is that why you ordered a new one? If so, then it's worth replacing it, since you'll most likely get more for a bag that people won't have to go out of their way to get repaired. I think you should really consider eBay. Even if you're not an MPRS, you can still sell it and get good money for it. You just have to take good, detailed pictures, provide as much information about the bag as possible, such as where you bought it, why you're selling it, if you had it authenticated or not, etc. State in your auction that you're clearly against the buying and selling of fake merchandise, and for potential bidders to check out your feedback so they can see for themselves that you're an honest eBayer. Did you use it at all? If you only used it once or twice, I don't think you should list it at a lower price than what you paid for it.

    MPRS sellers aren't the only ones who can do well on LV auctions, as long as you're thorough and honest in your listing. And of course, having good pictures is probably the best thing :biggrin:
  3. Don't forget about our Marketplace first!
  4. Yeah, try Marketplace. Put it on Ebay with a BUY IT NOW option. The only thing that sucks is that Ebay does take a fairly big chunk out of your winnings. Also, if you have anything but the most basic of Paypal accounts, they'll take out their little chunk also.
  5. No, actually the drawstring is perfect; just used. I wonder if it would be worth to replace. I am now thinking no?

    Also, with the marketplace I thought I HAD to list it on Ebay first. No?
  6. May be you should also put it on the German ebay because we don't have anything like mypoupette and most of the time you get even more than you paid for it. It's ridiculous here. I can ehlp you out withe translation and questions of the buyers.
  7. A note about Paypal. If you eBay anything now, if you have a Paypal account adn a Buyer wants to pay w/ credit card you MUST accept the payment by upgrading your account. It was a new rule implemented pretty quietly a few months back.
    I just had a dozen of my auctions shut down because my TOS stated I didn't accept credit cards. I actually have known about the rule since it started, but wanted to go as long as possible w/o them skimming off my profits, which is EXACTLY what it is :sad:
  8. It sure is.. but Paypal does allow you to have more than 1 account, which is my way of getting around it. I figure, if people are paying using bank funds, I just send them to one account and they can pay with credit card and I'll send them to the other when so at least I don't get dunced with the fee for every transaction. :Push:
  9. Mypoupette has a luxeauctions site. You may be able to sell it on there and pay cheaper fees than ebay.
  10. Ooh, excellent idea!! Thank you!

    Yes, I do accept cc through my Paypal account because I sell quite a bit. Yes, the fees are crazy but 99% of my buyers use cc to pay for thier items.
  11. I agree that eBay and marketplace may be the best options. At consignment shops it may sell faster, but the shop will probably take like 50% of whatever you make, so at eBay you'll make more money.
  12. Yea!! I was approved to list at mypoupette auctions. I really appreciated how rigerous the screening process was; I had to scan in my drivers license, as well as a current official document to verify address(I gave them my latest bank statment). Sellers also have to give a cc number (which is charged $1) in case of dispute. After that was all set I spoke to Angie (moderator) on the phone; she wanted to make sure I really existed.

    Anyway, thank you for the advice! If interested please check out the bag. I listed it in the marketplace but am not sure if it will be approved since it is not an ebay auction.
  13. I know! Right after my slew of auctions were pulled I set up another account so they can't steal frm me!
  14. This is a great idea, I need to do this.
  15. I just sold my pair of Jimmy Choos for $240.00. After Ebay took $10, and Paypal took $10... SHUCKS! I guess they are providing us with a valuable service.