Need Advice on a buyer

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  1. I listed a bag yesterday and it sold very quickly with the BIN. I forgot to make the BIN and instant payment (my fault). The buyer didn't pay right away but I though I could wait patiently since I didn't make the BIN and instant payment. This morning I receive a email from her saying she wasn't backing out of the sale but she had some questions and wanted more pictures. I started to get nervous. Who does a BIN and then asks questions? I replied as nice as I could. I never heard back from her so I emailed her again asking if she received my email. Still no reply but then I get a payment from her but in the notes section she asks me to contact her about her questions (which I had already sent hours ago) and said I needed to contact her about her shipping address. Her address in Paypal in unverified. I am so nervous about all of this and even though she has payed I am afraid I am going to get screwed over by this transaction some how. Who do I ship the package to? The address provided by paypal even though it is unverified? I am so nervous about all of this.
  2. I would not ship to an unverified address. I would ask her to verify. If you ship unverified and she is nice, no problem. But if you ship and she is one of the scammers, you've got no protection.
  3. I just got a response from her and she wants me to ship the package to some hotel that she is staying at????? This is really making me soooo nervous.
  4. You mean confirmed address, right? You don't have to ship to confirmed addresses in order to be covered by seller's protection. However, given the buyer's issues with the photos and questions after the purchase, I would be extra careful with this transaction. And that's exactly what I would tell her.

    You state that she said she had questions and wanted to see more pictures, but you don't specify what her questions were. Did you at least find out what she wanted to know? You go on to say that you replied as nicely as you could, but you don't tell us what you said. IMO, the nature of this exchange between you and the buyer would determine how comfortable or uncomfortable I would be at this point.

    ETA: I just saw your last post. Talk to the buyer. Tell her your concerns.
  5. Oh my, ya, I'd be nervous. Hoping someone with experience weighs in. I know the verification is critical for me...but I'm a newbie and can't really evaluate if it's okay to ship elsewhere in some circumstances.

    I have seen it said many times here: trust your gut.
  6. ^ Yup. If it feels too risky, it usually is...
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    I have shipped to unconfirmed addresses before and not had a problem but this person is making me so nervous. I just emailed her telling her I would not ship the bag to her hotel. I told her I needed her to confirm her address but if she doesn't have to do that to be protected by ebay then I will send it to her address provided by paypal.

    As for the questions she just asked if there were rips, tears, stains etc and asked for more pictures. I sent the pictures and told her that there were no rips tears or stains etc.

    So if the address is unconfirmed I can still safely send it correct? I am wondering if I should just send it to this address regardless of the buyers request to send it to her hotel.

    Ok this is getting crazier I just realized that the address she gave me (the hotel address) is the same address as paypal. Is it safe to send this to her?
  8. While PayFoe no longer requires sellers to ship to confirmed addresses to be protected, it's still a good idea, just in case. Anyway, she's not even there. I would not send it to the unconfirmed PP address unless she agrees. Who would be there to receive the package? I would also NOT send it to a hotel.

    She purchased an expensive designer bag and asked questions about its condition after, not before, buying the bag. She makes this purchase on fBay without a confirmed PayFoe address AND expecting the seller to ship it to a hotel. What is she thinking? Just my opinion...
  9. I don't love that she bought and then begins the questions. Totally backwards and just seems like she's regretting her purchases.

    I have had things shipped on many occasions to a hotel I used to stay at bi-weekly, in the US, when travelling to see my ex. I had several expensive things sent to the hotel, though I always asked the seller before hand. If her feedback is good, I'd consider it.

    Would insurance not cover the OP in a case like this if she did send it to a hotel?
  10. Think about everything that could go wrong with a package in a long it's going to sit behind the front desk before someone either calls the buyer or takes it to her could be stolen, could end up in the wrong room. And while mailing the bag with Signature Confirmation (among other things) should entitle the seller's to protection and ensure that someone signs for it, in a hotel, unless it's a super fancy one in which the package would be immediately delivered to the correct room, anything could go wrong. I would not take that risk.

    Postal insurance might not help if the package gets lost in the hotel because someone would've signed for it.
  11. ^^^^ that is my main worry. If it gets lost between the hotel and her then I am out money and a bag.

    I noticed on the ebay invoice it give a NJ address ( and she told me that is where she lives) so now there is a NJ addresss on the ebay invoice and her hotel address on the paypal invoice. Should I call Paypal to see what I should do or should I just cancel this whole transaction?
  12. I just called paypal to see what to do about this situation. They actually have 2 address for her. Her home address (NJ) and her hotel address (MD). They told me that if I shipped to her hotel and got a delivery conformation and a signature then I would be covered under the seller protection plan since her hotel address is provided by paypal. I made sure to clarify with them that even IF it was delivered to the hotel and signed for if it got lost between the hotel and her that as long as it was signed for it was HER problem and not mine and they said yes I would be covered under the seller protection plan. So what do you think can I still get screwed this way?
  13. Anything is possible. Plus, different PayFoe agents will give you different stories. IMO, as I mentioned in my last post, in theory you would be covered by seller's protection if you do everything right when shipping the item. The problem is that PayFoe doesn't always follow its own rules, especially when it would cost it some $ to do so. If PayFoe was consistent, we wouldn't see many of the problems we see here.

    Ultimately, is up to you. You decide whether you're willing to risk it or not. Follow your instincts, which is not the same as your fears or's a gut feeling that rarely fails.
  14. If the paypal page says ok to ship, you have to ship to the address on the ok to ship page.
  15. Paypal doesn't require you to send to confirmed addresses anymore? I'm a bit confused. I never thought it was "required" but just a precaution that they suggested.

    Also, I just want to make sure, but if I get a payment from someone that says "Unverified" by their name, that means that their address is not confirmed, correct?