need advice if i should buy these boots

  1. so i have been loving these manolo boots after seeing them on eBay. i tried them on in person today and i really love them. they're on sale and an additional markdown this week. but this will be the most expensive pair of boots i've ever bought and i want to know: do you think they'll be in next year or is the fold down trend (and the rusched trend) totally out after this season? they hit me sort of midcalf and i'm not a big tucker in so they look great just under jeans. the leather is ridiculously soft and they were super comfy (esp after taking off my coach boots which were killing me).

    i would love other thoughts before i take the full out plunge. thanks!

    these are them from an eBay auction. i'll look for the pics somewhere else too.
  2. If you love them you should buy them. It won't matter if that style is in or out next season, 'cos if you're not a tucker in and wear them under jeans who is going to know? They're comfy, you love them, they're Manolos and they're on sale... go get 'em... and please post pics. when you do.;)
  3. thanks dallas. after reading about the heel pain i'm worried they're too high for me. i can do 3" pretty easily but this might be higher... thinking.... thinking....
  4. :yahoo:In a nanosecond!
  5. hlfinn, i think they're fantastic. i too have been eyeing them and they have been around for a while and still look great. manolo's heels are comfy compared to most designers so it's a big yay for me!
  6. thanks everyone. i think i'm going to try them on again today since i have to go back to the store to return something. i want to see how high the heel really is because it really didn't bother me yesterday but 4" is more than i'm used to....
  7. 4" heels?

    Perhaps not for wearing to work if you are on your feet for hours, but if they are for a night on the town where you want to look hot, I'm sure you could manage 4 inches.

    You said you don't do much tucking in...too bad, since these would look totally hot with skinnies.
  8. Cute boots! Bidding ended tho- Did you get them?
  9. shoe- i'm losing weight (already lost 22 lbs! whoohoo!) so skinnys are in my future. just have to find a good pair soon. i went back today and they're actually about 3.5" so not as bad as i thought. i can wear 3" to work no problem so these might just take getting used to.

    venus- sorry, i'm getting them from a store. i just used the auction as a reference.

    i also scored some chanel flats on sale today too! woot!