need advice for a new cosmetics bag

  1. hi everyone! i am looking for a new cosmetics bag. mine broke. i want a small one (less than 7") that is made of lightweight material (so it is soft) so i can throw it into any purse. any good recommendations? both couture and not couture? thanks!

    oh, if you have pictures that would be great too! thanks!
  2. bobbi brown makes good ones and so does juicy and clinique i will post pics later
  3. Sephora should have some cute ones at cheap prices.
  4. oohh i really like that!! sees like a perfect size!
  5. How about..lesportsac or bobbi brown
  6. and kate spade!
  7. Another Coach vote here! I have this beauty case in black and white and I love it b/c it holds its shape when I hold it from underneath.


    My other fave is the LV poche cosmetique...I have it in damier but it also comes in monogram.


    Both hold up great in my bags + love 'em for traveling...oh and the Coach is 7" x 4"...the LV is 7" x 5" x 2.4". Hope that helps!
  8. I have a Prada cosmetics bag...I got it at Neiman Marcus a couple of years ago. It's held up really well...they don't have it online anymore, but here's one that might work for's smaller than mine so it would be great to throw in your handbag!!

    I also have the Coach one listed above, mine is the signature multi stripe...this is a great case as well...holds it's shape and has inner pockets for organization.
  9. Prada Vote here

    I have a prada nylon one its like this but a little fatter

    I love it because I love designer accessories and with the Prada nylon its easy to clean and very durable so I dont have to worry about my makeup spilling in it. I have had it for over 2 years and its still in great condition and fits all of my makeup.