need adivce on Bvlgari bzero

  1. Hi all
    I have been eyeing on this ring for ages. Now, for this new year, I am goiing to get it for myself as a new year gift.
    I am wondering if any lady here on this forum wears this ring?
    My question basically is what style shall I get ?
    2 or 3 coil?
    I don't have very long fingers ,but not that short. not too skinny
    i am 169cm tall, which i guess is 5.5?...

    Please.... let me know what you think,
    Oh, one other thing, i am thinking about wearing it on my thumb

    Please let me know what you think about which one to get and which finger you wear it on?
    Thanks so much:heart::heart::heart:
  2. A 3 band B zero measures 0.8 millimetres in band width (just under 1 centimetre) so this is suitable for any finger or to wear on your thumb . I hope this helps a little:yes:
  3. thank you very much