Need a special occasion bag

  1. I typically use other designers for formal occasions but of course I would prefer LV. I just don't know if there is anything right for this gown!?! Any ideas would help! Here is my dress....

    THANKS in advance! :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  2. Gorgeous dress! What about the pochette florentine you were thinking of getting? I think a clutch would be fab with a gown that has thin straps.
  3. get the new Monogram Satin Aumoniere :nuts:! the brown one would match your dress :yes:
  4. I was going to say the same thing!!:yes:
  5. What a beautiful dress! I vote for "Monogram Satin Aumoniere".
  6. OMG- Yessss. See I knew you guys were good! :nuts: I didn't even think about that bag! I wonder how difficult it will be to get one? There is the silver and multicolor on elux. Although the silver does have gold as well? It might be okay but I definately prefer the brown!?!
  7. [​IMG]

    The dress looks good with miroir papillon.
  8. Yes the brown satin bag would be tdf with that dress, I forgot all about that bag! I thought someone said somewhere they were sold out in minutes :shrugs:
  9. That is nice as well. I really like the Malibu Street in that shade IRL and it is much more affordable than the satin. I just wonder if the vachetta keeps it from being dressy enough? I also would think I might be able to carry that more than just once!?! HMMM....

  10. all the hardware and logo embroidery for all the bags are gold. call the 866 and see if the brown is still available; it would match your dress better than the silver
  11. The Roxbury looks nice too, especially in white.
  12. They have all three at my store .. I love the black one but the brown would be a great choice for your dress:heart:
  13. Crystal look no further!!! The Houston boutique has a few in stock!!! I saw the brown one on display right across Women's RTW/on the side of the sunglasses case. :yes:
  14. Crystal...gorgeous dress!! Yes, definitely the satin aumoniere - you are going to look amazing!