Need a new look

  1. Hi all!

    I was recently promoted to marketing representative. The bad news is I don't have the clothes for the job. Even worse is I don't have a lot of money to buy the clothes for the job.

    I'm picturing myself very professional... perhaps the IBM look...

    I've only bought a couple of suits in my life and they've never fit me very well, even after tailoring them. I don't know what I am doing when I pick them out. And I don't own any button down shirts -- I find it difficult to even try them on. I either have to try one four sizes too big for me so I can close the buttons but I swim in it -or- I have to buy it the size I think I wear and put pins in between the buttons so I don't have boob gap.

    Help! I think I have the wrong body type for suits!

    And I need to buy at least 4 of them right now. And I haven't got a lot of money to buy them... even eaking out $500 TOTAL would be a stretch right now. And they'd all need to be altered... :sad:

    I do remember buying a suit for like $100 at Annie Sez. It was a Tahari suit. It was nice, but I don't have anyone there to tell me if I am buying the right suit, the selection is limited, and they don't do alterations. This is so difficult!
  2. I would contact Nordstrom and ask for their personal touch section. You can get individualized attention about your issue and you're not obligated to buy anything. I think the prices are reasonable for most items there, however you're not going to get 5 suits for 500 dollars.

    My suggestion is to take the information that they give you and use it to find pieces that will work for you. I know people frown upon Walmart, but they have really great work clothes by the designer George for low prices. Also Target has really great looks from Isaac Mizrahi. That way you can get your 5 suit looks (it's more than a suit, it's a look that you're going for) and still have money for any alterations that may be needed. You have to work within the budget right now, but it will work out in the long run.

    Also with button down shirts, you need to buy the shirt for your bust size, not your actual size. Once you find one that fits your bust, everything else can be altered.
  3. Try Banana Republic.. They have great business clothes.
  4. Try Nordstrom Rack!! It is very hit or miss, so make sure to check the item closely for any flaws, but I was able to find some amazing deals there after I got my first "real" job!
  5. Thanks for your help guys!

    I ended up spending a little bit more than I meant to, but I think the quality will take me a long way.

    I ended up going to a (looks around to see who is watching) consignment store. I figured I would try my luck there and if I didn't have any luck, I'd be on to the major retailers.

    Wow was I lucky! I ended up getting a black Escada skirt suit. It has gorgeous gold buttons with the Escada emblem on it. It's as if it was tailored to my body. The tags were still on it. Retail $1700. I paid $259.

    Next I found a black pinstriped Armani pant suit. The jacket has a single plain button. Inside a little "Mitchells of Westport" label is affixed above the Armani label. I will probably need to get the pants hemmed (haven't tried them on with a heel yet) but other than that it's like it's made for me. Supposedly the retail on this suit was $1300 and I paid $325. This one did not have the tags but otherwise looks unworn.

    Went out about bought 6 shirts and shells that I could wear with these suits and the others I already own. Monday I am not planning to wear a suit, and the other days I will have one. That will get me to next week at least.

    I think I am off to a great start.

    Thanks to the link to the other thread. It does have some good pointers. I'm hoping I will look "a cut above the rest" but not "over the top." I was thinking pearls already... in fact I was going to splurge on some beautiful ones but no one was at the jewelry counter at TJ Maxx and I figured I'd make due with the pearls I already own.

    I think I will use my black Coach Multifunction Tote on office visits, and my normal purses for day to day stuff. Mostly my LV mono. Nothing wrong with this, right? I'm really not the briefcase type.
  6. If you have an H&M in your area, they should (might??) have a Women's Suits that are stylish and affordable! The H&M in my area usually has jackets & pants in different styles and cuts to suit everybody.

    Hope I'm not too late!