Need a little help here for a virgin...

  1. Okay, an Hermes virgin!:p

    My DH is flying to Bahrain this weekend, and somewhere on this forum I remember people talking about all the airport Duty free shops with Hermes. Do I have a hope in you-know-where of having him search out something there? OR is there somwhere else he should be directed?

    Add are the prices there reasonable or is that considered out of Europe enough that the prices rise to Asian counterparts?

    I'm a rooky with a time limit and a nervous hubby, your help is gratefully appreciated!!:yahoo:

    Thanks ladies!!!!
  2. Oh Dear, I guess Bahrain isn't the hotspot I thought it was!:roflmfao:

    Oh well, he comes home from his biz trip Sunday night and has said he will phone me from duty free, so cross yur fingers for me. But in the meantime if anybody has knowledge of the area, let me know!


  3. I'm no help at all, but here's hoping your DH is lucky and scores something!
  4. AccOb - I can't help you with the specifics of Bahrain airport but generally the duty free airport stands don't carry much in terms of bags just the odd Garden Party. However some have scarves, belts, enamel bracelets, ties and the occasional small leather goods (agendas etc).

    From members here I gather that large leather goods - bags etc are VERY hard to obtain in the Middle East :smile:

    Is there something particularly you are looking for?
  5. Okay, well that's good to know about the ME. I have heard that demand strips supply pretty quick there, so that post I think I saw here somewhere just made me think I was getting an insider's tip!!
    I thought I saw somewhere on tPF that one of the middle East airports had bags, but a girlfriend has since mentioned it's not he one DH will be at. You can get lost on this forum!
    He's in Vancouver next week, maybe I should get the map ready!
    I've got a list of things I'm interested in, maybe I'll get that and the map combined on the same page for HIS shopping ease!
    Awww, aren't I a good wife...NOT!:angel::lol:
  6. The members in Canada seem to have seen some good stock lately - perhaps check the inventory thread (above).

    Best of luck.
  7. Thanks, Handybags, the list will have to be in a waterproof carrier, I can't stop drooling at what somebody said was there!
  8. Do you mean Bahrain duty free? If so there's no H there but a new shop is about to open in Manama. My bf has to go there for work a lot and he thinks it should be aready in a month or so. He did go to Dubai Hermes a few months ago and said they had a decent selection of scarves, but he didn't look at the bags. The prices were roughly the same as in UK, Hermes in Dubai Duty free was slightly cheaper.
  9. Thanks Loony! I think I'll post DH's travel schedule after Christmas and see if tPF members can guide me with a hit it or miss it guide!:smile: