Necklaces for high collared shirts?


Apr 30, 2006
I usually wear v neck shirts or other lower cut shirts. So, most, if not all of my necklaces are 16 inch or 18 inch length. I am not sure if they look ok with the higher collared shirts i wear during the winter (not turtlenecks, just shirts with collars that go up to my neck or neckbone).

What sort of necklaces would go good with this? Do you just buy long length chains? or, a certain style? Thanks
Jun 16, 2006
Washington State
I have a hard time with higher collars too! I don't generally wear long necklaces but tend to think that they do look better with the higher collars. The shorter necklaces tend to get lost underneath the collar (at least mine do).

I do have a couple of longer necklaces that I wear with turtlenecks and high collared shirt (wearing one today as a matter of fact) - a couple of plain silver colored chains that are not that fancy but can be layered together. I also have one necklace that I made that goes with certain colors of my higher collar shirts (you'd think I'd make more, right? I hardly ever make myself jewelry!).

Depending on just how high the collar is - chokers sometimes work if it isn't a turtleneck shirt obviously.

And of course it always depends on what you think looks nice and what you have. Personally, longer and layered silver or gold chains always work well.


Dec 13, 2005
In the wintertime I tend to wear turtlenecks a lot so I have several long chains that I wear pendants on. I also have several very long chains that can be doubled up. One has small pearls on it every so often. Another one has bronze and silver beads every so often on it. The longer chains really dress up a sweater.


Sep 9, 2006
Personally, I take my cue from the neckline about what jewelry to wear and for me that means I don't wear a necklace unless my shirt makes room for one (meaning I'm wearing a scoopneck or a deep v-neck). If I'm wearing a higher collar (crewneck, high v-neck, turtleneck) then I wear earrings instead.

My opinion should probably be taken with a grain of salt though- I used to be obsessed with necklaces, but lately my necklace collection is getting somewhat neglected because I can't seem to stand not wearing earrings anymore. I hate the look of the naked holes in my ears when they don't have anything in them- I think it looks stupid. And I am something of a jewelry minimalist, so I don't tend to wear both at once.



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Mar 26, 2006
Hailey, Idaho
I have a few longer necklaces that I have made (22" & 24" gemstone chains). I started a birthday tradition for myself when I turned 40 that I would make a necklace for myself on my birthday with the same number of beads as my age. They keep getting longer! Last year I made a two-tiered one! (but it does solve the having a longer necklace to wear with winter shirts)


Howz that ban?
Nov 6, 2006
I usually have 16" necklaces with collared shirts and longer chains with some kind of trinket on them for turtle necks. My low V-necks give me more flex and I have some really fun necklaces for those 18" with a larger decoration on it. With my button-up collared shirts, I think of the necklace a background and only want to see a peek of the jewelery (does that make sense?). However, wear whatever YOU want to wear! And go experiment! Put on one of those trouble-some high necked shirts and go out and try on some jewels:idea: that should help ya out and inspire you! Let us know what you find!

Prada Psycho

Jul 21, 2006
I definitely go longer with higher, crew neck type collar (I assume this is what you mean), at least 20 inches, usually longer. I don't like the look of say an 18 inch necklace that just barely goes past the garment neckline. Or worse yet, that's just short enough that it wants to keep slipping inside the shirt collar itself.