Necklace...i Don't Know!

  1. ok...from my thread before...

    i have the lv logo charm...

    and need a chain...

    the LV EMP...or this Gucci...

    1...i like the Gucci necklace...the pendant on the chain...
    but i want to buy the LV because the LV EMP necklace comes in a mini monogram canvas case...LOL

    2...i hate the LV EMP...i know if i buy the necklace for the chain...i won't use the EMP pendant...but i want the mini monogram canvas case lol...because Gucci...??? they give you a cardboard box...leather like box... NO$20...? mmm...


    don't know...

    killing me...



    GG necklace 1120.jpg emp.JPG
  2. maybe people are looking to buy just the EMP. pendant?...eBay...etc...? much do you think the pendant on the EMP. necklace is? lol...just
  3. Gucci jewellery comes in a nice brown velvet pouch with the GG logo. just to let you know.
  4. If you prefer the Gucci and would wear the Gucci, then buy it. There is no point in buying a pendant you hate just for the box (and the chain), you're not going to be wearing the box around your neck! hehe :biggrin:
  5. how can you hate the empriente? its GORGEOUS
  6. dun stress out over this... get the EMP, than keep the necklace and sell away the EMP pendant. i am sure it will be a hit on eBay. ;)
  7. I like the Gucci.
  8. Oh I love those both :drool: They're gorgeous!

    But I agree with Tefhel, you're not going to wear the box around your neck, so just buy the necklace you like the most!
  9. the gucci is pretty i like it more!
  10. Agreed. You can always see if they're selling the LV box separately on eBay and have the authenticators here check it out for you if you want the case that badly.
  11. ITA! The Gucci is just so blah IMHO.
  12. Thanks diorkiss and margaritaxmix :biggrin: If it's the box you really want, MPRS seller achimnelly is selling one for $349 USD they seem reputable but if you want it i'd get it authenticated first. The price also seems pretty steep to me for something that is given away free with a pendant, but they are accepting Best Offer. :biggrin:
  13. Empreinte chain seems thicker so it would be safer for your LV charm.
  14. Gc
  15. i choose LV...:heart: