Nearly got raped/Killed/Gunned/injured

  1. Hi all im steve 16 yr old male from the UK. OMG I have to tell you guys about what happened to me the other day. I was in the countryside and we found a big morrisons supermarket (wall mart) I went in to get my Copy of GQ which they didnt have. As I was coming up you have to walk up a path which is covered with trees and away out of view of anything. I was on my own walking up it going to my dads car, as I was going up , there was a weird looking old man sat at the side of the I was like a bit watching behind me then the old man got up and started walking towards me and I was like OMG....what is he doing, he came very very close running towards me and could have actually touched me so at that moment I got my phone out and pretended to make a call...I was so scared. then he was still following me until I ran the opposite way over the road to my dads car...I think he ran off incase I was calling someone. OMG I was so shuck up about it and my heart was pumping really fast.
  2. Oh my goodness, that is so scary! I am glad you are safe!!! Cell phones can be saviors sometimes. You never know who is around you. It is good that you were aware of your environment. A woman in the same situation who isn't paying attention could have fallen prey to this evil man. :wtf:
  3. I know Ive never been in this situation before and I was so scared. I just never thought it would happen to me. When I came out of the store, the old man was sat there like he was waiting for someone so I didnt think anything of it (only that he was weird looking) but when he came running towards me that really shuck me up.
  4. Geez man, that sounds freakin freaky. My friend told me about one time he was stalked round a shopping centre and into the public toilets where he had to make a run for it. I always get really paranoid if I'm walking home from the taxi at night say at 2/3 after a night out. thankfully nothing horrible has happened (touchwood), glad your okay though mate
  5. was terrifying...I hope it doesnt happen again.
  6. aww! i'm sorry this happened to you. good quick thinking!
  7. Wow that is scary I had a guy follow me to the train station when I was 17. I read somewhere that you should act crazy in situations like that. I started yelling to no one in particular, well noone actually and I turned around he was gone. There was people coming out of the train station I guess he thought I knew someone or that I was crazy, either way I was scared to death. I used to carry mase when I lived in new york.
  8. People are careful out there...we are glad you are okay.
  9. That is so scary. We're glad you are okay.
  10. WOW Glad you're OK!
  11. OMG, I'm glad you are ok. :yes: I had a similar situation when I was in college, it's really scary. Please be careful when you walk in secluded places, there are some crazies out there.
  12. glad ur ok!!!
  13. omg that is so scary I'm glad that youa re ok
  14. maybe he is George Micheal :P
  15. glad you're ok! excellent job of staying aware of your surroundings!