Nearly bought......

  1. I am desperate for a Bottega Veneta bag, and today i nearly bought a tiny purse type bag that had a very long strap that could go cross body, but i couldn't evan fit a credit card in it. It was selling for a very reasonable price which almost makes it viable, what do you think, is it worth spending £80 on something i might just about get some loose change and notes in?? I'm sorely tempted, simply because of the pure exquitness of the item. Apparently it retails for about £250 brand new. It is in a new and never been used condition. I'd be gratefull for any advice. :s
  2. first of all, i would probably want to see a picture before i make a decision but if it makes you go goo-goo-ga-ga when you see the purse and the price is reasonable, i would go for it...

    then again, it's coming from a BV addict...:rolleyes:
  3. littleblackbag- only buy it if you love it. doesn't sound like you feel it will be very useful because of it's tiny size. save the money for something you'll love and find useful. if you do in fact love it then by all means get it.
  4. I would also love to see the pics if available, but if you really love it and will either use it when you only need to carry so much or keep it like a piece of art, it's your call. I am sure it won't be your last piece, though.;)
  5. hi littleblackbag, i'd say only go for it if you really love it and it sings to you. no point investing that kind of money on an item unless you're going to be getting mileage on it. but do post pics, so we'll be able to give you more informed opinions. :shrugs:
  6. Little black bag, I see that you are in the UK. The BV sales will be starting at the end of this month, I live near the BV boutiques so if you like I'll keep an eye out on the sales stock for you and report back on what I see. They do ship to customers who are not near a store and the staff are very friendly, as the others suggested it may be worthwhile holding onto your money until the sales!
  7. Damn it Syma i didn't see your post till just now, and too late, i bought the tiny bag!!!! But i love it. Also i got it for £75 instead of £80 as the owner of the shop could see i really loved it. Might only be £5 off, but made me feel good, I'm very easy to please :smile: It is chocolate brown and i have sussed that i can fit a credit card, key and some change and paper notes in it. So i will be using it on days when i want to carry light. If you want to see a picture go to, they have an orange one for £110. Unfortunately I have no computer skills what so ever so i can't show pics of mine, believe me i would love to.
    Also with reguards to your offer Syma, very sweet of you, but alas my funds won't yet stretch to a full size BV. Thanks for all your advice, as you can see i went with my :heart:
  8. Congrats, lbb! You went with your heart and you won`t regret it!

    And 5 GBP is a good discount percentage-wise! ;o)
  9. This one?

    I knew it, I knew it!! This was the first purse that came to my mind when I read your post!! I saw it in different colours on Japanese sites and so loved it!! Congratulations!!

    I didn't know about this site. Is it based in the UK? I see the prices in US$.
  10. congratulations on your purchase, littleblackbag. it is a very pretty trinket carrier - is the strap detachable?
  11. OOOOh! I can see why you bought it. I especially like the orange one. Not a bad deal, I say.
  12. That's such a cute lil purse,littleblackbag!! Hee. Am late to the thread, but your buy was def well bought! Any chance you might be able to pull off some action pics? ;)

  13. Yes thats the one, Its adorable, i love it. I am so happy to have piece of BV. This will keep me happy till i can afford a bigger piece :yahoo:

    The strap isn't detachable, but for me the strap is what makes it. Also the strap is so fine it wouldn't really be in the way if you were to put it in a bigger bag and use like a purse/wallet.

    I don't think the site is based in the UK, but i think it ships world wide.

    Thanks for all your positve comments, what a lovely bunch you are. :flowers:
  14. ^ oh how adorable is this little piece. i love it and the color is so cheerful. makes me wanna smile every time i look at it.
  15. ^^Yoox is based in Italy but generally ships worldwide!