nba playoffs

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  1. does anyone else watch the nba playoffs? i'm going crazy right now...omg...spurs 111 dallas 109 with 15 seconds left. aaarrrghhh...
  2. i watch the playoffs, but really don't care about the west...i just know San Antonio is going all the way...they have such a tight squad and a great unit out there.

    but the east is where it's at!! Cleveland tied the series (GO CAVS) but sadly, I don't think my hometeam is gonna make it.
  3. if anyone knows how incredibly miserable the knicks are, you'll know why i don't bother with anything basketball this year.

    i'm a baseball girl.
  4. Detroit Pistons fan here! But did not catch the last couple of games!
  5. I love Tim Duncan. He is the sexiest man alive :smile:
  6. Love SA, but they have to win the next 3 games to move on........:sad:
  7. I was at Game 4 last night--GO MAVS!!!!!!!It was an awesome game to see in person!!!

    I love Dirk and Jason Terry--watch out Spurs, you are almost out of it!!!
  8. I'm a Detroit fan. I hope they will make it with the Cavs...
  9. Lakers done:sad: :sad:
  10. Deeeee-troit
  11. I watch it as well but not as much anymore.. not since MJ left but I am feeling sorry for the SA right now coz they just lost game 4.. what was that about.. gosh, hopefully, they will make the last 3 games and go to the conference finals again...
  12. I haven't watched since MJ retired also. I catch a few when my dad's watching though. I have no idea what is going on now but from what I've read, I really hope the Spurs make it to the conf. finals.
  13. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  14. I'm a Lakers fan all the way, no matter what. I hope SA, Detroit, and the Suns don't make it out of the 2nd round. After that, I really don't care who makes it to the finals. LOL
  15. Go Spurs go..
    but since that might not happen..

    Go Mavs go!

    (Rockets fan.. but .. um yea.. we won't go there! So rooting for the Texas teams)