Navy Patent Reissue

  1. Navy Patent Reissue
    omg it's absolutely GORGEOUS ~ the color the color THE COLOR!!!! it's art.
    i saw calisnoopy had one and she posted her pics (back in December i see)

    anyone know if they still carry these? and what with the price hike, how many organs will i have to sell to get my hands on these? :crybaby:

    thanks for your info ladies~
  2. NM in Charlotte, NC had two with gold hardware about a month ago. Not sure about the price. They were beautiful.
  3. calisnoopy, that bag is GORGEOUS!
    you should be proud - (i'm sure you are :yes: )

    Thanks piperlu for your info~
    I'd really like to get one~ pricing would defly help~
    I wonder how much they're gonna charge to ship to chicago....and tax~ :cursing:

    There's no getting around paying for the bag...but the whole tax thing bugs me truly~
  4. The price for the large 227 reissue that calisnoopy has is $2375. The medium 226 is $2195. Hope this helps!
  5. thanks so much for the info~!

    yikes~ that's gonna hurt the bank but it'll be well worth it :yes:
  6. try to get it at Saks when they have the gift card event. It is coming up on the 22nd. You get $300 back in gift card when your purchase is over $2000. I suggest calling Saks soon to locate the bag in time. Good luck!
  7. FYI NM Vegas had navy patent reissues last week.
  8. That bag is SO pretty !!!!
  9. yes, I was there last week too and saw it as well along with the white patent one! :love: I ended up buying some non-Chanel though....:nuts:
  10. That is one beautiful bag! ITA with everyone- the color is gorgeous!
  11. I love this bag.:love:
  12. NM SF still has a medium one in both navy and black.
  13. Love this bag! Sounds like you have some options. Are you getting it?
  14. Well there's a whole string of considerations....

    I'm still in school (and if all goes well, will be for the next three as well - come on~ Columbia Law you know you want me even though i don't have the stats!) I need a "functional" bag....

    So up for consideration are the (1) black caviar coco cabas large, (2) black modern chain tote, and in the name of all that is gorgeous, (3) this navy patent reissue....

    Any suggestions?

    I'm also the kind of person who ends up buying what she wants eventually....bad bad trait of mine....

    Also, I've read a couple of posts where people did not have to pay TAX???? I would sooooo love some insight! (I think it was evychew at a Saks in NY - I'm from NY but am in Chicago for school for the time being.)

    Thanks a bunch ladies~ You all are so precious~!:heart:
  15. oh yea~ OR the black caviar GST

    i actually want then all~

    :nuts: :push: :shame: :yes: