Navy Kristin Sage Satchel- a reveal

Dec 1, 2008
Hey, girls. I've been meaning to post pics of the Kristin Sage Satchel in navy since I got her last week. The leather is lovely, and the gunmetal links (IMO) look very cool against the blue. It's not too heavy, and the leather smooshes gorgeously (though still maintains its structure).

Without further ado!

May 9, 2010
Wowzers! That's a stunning color and bag!! Congrats! There is just something about navy....

Is this the same size as the spring release Sages? It just looks a bit smaller on the model on the website and yours looks like a great size too. I would love to see a mod shot if possible!
Oct 10, 2010
Oops-- guess I forgot to put the hang-tags back on after I appled the bag. She was sprayed just yesterday.

The bag looks different in sunlight versus shade-- this particular navy seems to lighten considerably in sunlight (almost becomes a cobalt).
Thank you!

I love that the color changes depending on the light. Such a stunning bag. Love everything about it!! Congrats again CashmereFiend!! :biggrin: