Navy Distressed Patent Reissue:

  1. I saw a picture of this bag posted on the 3rd page of Catalogs, Lookbooks, and Magazines thread at the Chanel Reference Library (post #41). Does anyone know if this bag is out now or is coming out?

  2. It will be available as part of the cruise collection. If you want one you better call one of the boutiques and get on a waitlist.
  3. It's positively gorgeous but it looks bigger than the model. Does it come in other sizes?
  4. It should. I think the one the model is showing is the 227. The reissues come in 5 sizes 224, 225, 226, 227, 228
  5. That seems like the new "it" bag. I also love that navy patent reissue.

    I'll be checking around this week.