Natural waist jeans

  1. The trend has been towards slightly higher rises on jeans lately, but I am still having a hard time finding them in stores. Does anyone have any suggestions for jeans with a natural waist rise that are either straight or bootleg? Many that I see are either skinny jeans, but I already have a pair of those, or "mom" jeans, which aren't flattering on anyone! I would prefer not to go over $150.
  2. I just bought a cheap pair of Levi's at Macy's. I never buy Levi's, but these were only $25 so I thought I'd give them a try. They are mid-rise (not low-rise, but not to the belly button either), boot-cut and have a funky wash. I love them! They actually make my rear look halfway decent too!
  3. Lee makes some nice natural waist jeans in straight leg and bootcut. I have a pair of relaxed straight legs that only paid $25 for. Very comfy.
  4. Hi! I just got Paige Premium denim with a higher waist, HIDDEN HILLS-- You might want to check it out. It's closer to the waist but does not look like mommy jeans. They retail for $169 but I tell you the extra $19 is worth it. I got the darker wash and it is really flattering given that I have a tummy and curvy. Gave my a$$ a better shape. ;)
  5. I will join ArmCandyLvr on Team Lee.

    Of all the jeans I have tried on, they fit me best. The rise on the ones I get hits just a bit below the belly button, and the straight leg ones fit over my boots just fine, but I am short with short, slender legs, so your mileage may vary.

    They do shrink a bit, so what I do is buy size 8P and after a visit to the dryer, they emerge a perfect 6P!