Natural glow???

  1. I have tried a lot of different foundations as well as skin care lines. I've seen a lot of foundations, powders, and skincare lines that are supposed to reduce shine for a more "matte" look, but I would like a foundation or even just a skin care line or product that enhances a healthy glow or shine??? Does anyone know of any products that ehance your natural glow???? I have yet to find one.
  2. I have tried so many things- both expensive and drug store. My favorite right now is Neutrogena healthy skin enhancer. Its a light tinted moisturizer. Other things that work are blushes or bronzing powders that have a hint of a shimmer like Nars Or***m or the Bobbie brown shimmer bricks.
  3. hee hee..I feel like I'm totally selling Stila all over here! But seriously, I'm really loving Stila Sheer Color tinted's really light and you apply it with a foundation gives a GORGEOUS glow (esp if you top it with a bit of bronzer).
  4. Thanks.
  5. If your skin tends to be oily maybe rice papers or any type of blotting paper can help with the shine without covering your face with a powder. Certain powders do tend to look heavy and matted on oilier skin types.
    I remember Perscriptives had really nice highlighters/powders that they would mix and match to compliment your skin tone. It's been awhile since I've visited a Perscriptives counter, though.
  6. SKII air touch foundation give me a natural glow!
  7. I LOVE MAC mineralized skinfinishes. Some people aren't too fond of them, but I love them to give a healthy glow (as long as you don't overdo it). Another option is to mix a pearly moisturizer (like MAC Strobe cream or Revlon Skinlights) with your liquid foundation.

    Moderation is key! Too much shimmer = disco ball. :p
  8. I use a couple things when I want my skin to glow. One of them is Body & Soul Glitz moisturizer, which is a tinted moisturizer with bronze-y tints in it. Apparently it is what they use to give the actors on Lost a bronzed look. I also sometimes use Pout Magic Dust, which is a highlighting powder.