National Punctuation Day -- Today, Sept.24

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  1. Putting this here instead of "Up to the Minute" due to the general interest nature of the content.
  2. Great!
  3. :woot:
  4. Alright! I always try to use correct punctuation. :smile: German punctuation confuses me though. They have strange comma rules and I haven't really understood them yet!
  5. Hahahaha. This is great. I sent it to my mother because she is the queen of bad punctuation--she writes all of her emails to me like this "Hi!!! I miss you......what are you doing today!??!?! Write me back...........bye!!!!"

    It makes me twitch.
  6. This must be a religious holiday for Vaclav.
  7. Hahahahaha!! You took the words right out of my mouth! Er, keyboard.
  8. :lolots:
  9. I wonder what Clark would say about punctuation used to form piggy faces? The thinking piggy's emoticon?

  10. #10 Sep 25, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2010
    fabulous! have to say i think that some tpf members really need to learn how to use punctuation and paragraphing.
  11. What I was thinking!:nuts:
  12. You owe me a new monitor!! :lolots: preeee-cisely what I was thinking!

    And, a smooch to, Vaclav, :smooch: wherever you, may be.
  13. :amuse: Terrific movement to educate/re-educate .. but I'm afraid w/ text messaging and tweeting .. what ails America will only get worse^ :amuse: