NARS lip gloss?

  1. Hey all, I was wondering if any of you gals use NARS gloss? Love or hate relationship? I was thinking that Chiuwahwa shade or clear? I usually use Laura Mercier Tender Lips Bitten Lipgloss.
  2. nars gloss is one of my personal favs! i own chihuahua and like it. also like giza and turkish delight. really :heart: :heart: :heart: the new color stolen kisses. was shopping with a couple friends and it looked great on all of us! had to go to 3-4 stores to get it, guess it's pretty popular. think nars and sephora have it online. love nars lip lacquer too!
  3. I have a lip lacquer and a couple of glosses, I like chanel glossimers better nars is in a group of glosses I like!
  4. I've never tried their lipgloss, but I saw it in Bath and Body works and thought about trying some on.
  5. I use Nars clear lip gloss on special occasions - it's definitely the shiniest out there and stays on the longest IMO.
  6. i hate orgasm, but i love the new stolen kisses shade! it's so fun for fall! :heart:
  7. I use the lip lacquer. It lasts forever.
  8. Love the glosses and the lacquer. My fav is sweet dreams. I also like stolen kisses and gothika. Their eye shadows are great too.
  9. i have it in turkish delight i love it!
  10. i have the lipgloss in sweet dreams- a very pretty pink, and the lip lacquer in butterfield 8 (one of my favorites). the lacquer lasts forever!
  11. I prefer Chanel or Dior Addict lip glass over Nars. I find it less sticky. Chiuahua is a good shade though.
  12. I have Chihuahua as well, it's a great medium-pink shade. Really natural looking.
  13. it is sticky but it lasts ages.. i have baby doll and red tomato. i lvoe love love love them. and ive used LOADS of lipglosses
  14. They have a Chihuahua shade? Ohmigosh, that's awesome.
  15. i just got the NARS gloss in Revolt. so beautiful. very light, just a faint tint - so so dark in the tube though, it's very fun.
    for lipstick, the NARS sheer in captiva is perfection - one stroke for light color, 2 strokes for darker and more shine.
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