Namoi Campbell, Shopping @ Barneys NYC With Marc Jacobs

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  3. I love Naomi! She may be violent :graucho: but God, she's gorgeous & shopping w/ Marc?!?! OMG!:drool: :drool: :drool:

    Plus, doesn't that look like a black CHANEL Cerf?!?! Same bag I am using today! (About as close to Naomi as I am gonna get) LOL!!!!
  4. ohhh!Nice Bag!!!!
  5. great bag!! her facial features look like lil kim...
  6. Fabulous! I wouldn't have minded going on that shopping trip!
    When did Marc get out of rehab?
  7. I LOVE her bag!
  8. I love her bag, dress and boots-do we know what that bag is for sure? She looks adorable.
  9. great bag!! i don't like that dress!
  10. ITA
  11. I think that's a Birkin. It looks like a lock hanging from it.
  12. I want to go shopping with Marc Jacobs..
    But for real.. I love his hair short. It makes him look so polished.
    And Naomi is just gorgeous. Nothing new.
  13. I could be TOTALLY wrong but it really looks like a Chanel Cerf to me. Look at the shape of the handles where they attatch to the bag, looks like the gold CC's in the top center of the bag and the feet on the bottom. I don't know what is hanging off the bag... maybe it's just something she added???? Or maybe it's a Birkin???? Anybody have a better pic?
  14. Marc looks good. I hope he's doing alright now!

    I don't like the clip in Naomi's hair. I want to reach into the picture and snatch it off her head!!:p
  15. It looks like a birkin to me. Naomi has great style. I love looking at pictures of her.