Naming your bags....

  1. Do you guys ever name your Chanel handbags?? Just wondering if it was silly/funny idea or if it's ok to actually name them. What are some of the names you guys name your bags, or do you name or don't you name and why???:p
  2. nope. but I do name them "my handbags"
  3. no
  4. no
  5. yes I do,lol Its soo funny because my friends all refer to them by "their" name...

    Here are some of their names.


    I know it may be odd but my handbag is a part of me and since I don't go anywhere without it... it should have a name:woohoo: :jammin: :supacool:
  6. I have three kids and I get their names mixed up all the time. I don't need the added stress with names. *It* will do fine for my bags.
  7. ^^^ LOL very true!
  8. No names, but they're definately referred to as "her," or "she."
  9. Never.
  10. I name a few of my bags that I can't pronounce their official names especially LV bags. Sometimes, their official names are long, or hard to pronounce, so I just create some names that my friends and I can understand what we're talking about.

    As for Chanel...never
  11. yes:shame: I call my bowler - chelly

  12. ROFL!! ME too, except I have four....
  13. I call mine by the bags official name or if I don't know it or can't pronounce it, I just call it whatever type it is (bowler, tote...)
  14. When its Chanel, I don't really name them, or I just say like, "cambon" or "bowler." Often, with a lot of my handbags, I'll be like, "Get her, I'm not leaving my handbag behind." Like sometimes i say he/she, most of the time she, if it's a girly bag. Don't ask me why. I don't have enough time to really make up names for them, but it's interesting to see the names other people pick.