Name your celebrity crushes.

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  1. Name your celebrity crushes.

    1. Josh Lucas
    2. Joaquin Phoenix
    3. Christian Bale
    4. David Beckman
  2. Bond himself - Daniel Craig :heart: ---> bond_007.jpg

    NJ Devils goalie - Martin Brodeur ---> martin NJ.jpg martin.jpg

    (He can guard my net any time! ^^^ :sneaky::graucho:)​

    David Beckham (:heart: the way he dresses) ---> b707oo.jpg
  3. Colin Farrell
    David Beckham
    Ricky Martin
  4. :heart: Johnny Depp :heart:

  5. Adams from Maroon 5. Very cool. And he sure can sing.
  6. Orlando Bloom
  7. Ryan Gosling :blush: . I really don't like a 'cookie cutter' hottie type.
  8. Wentworth Miller :heart:
    Johnny Depp

    There are more that I can't think of right now...
  9. Kiefer Sutherland
    David Beckham
    John Travolta (Yes I know but there is something about him - ever since Grease! - but NOT in Pulp Fiction or Swordfish!)
    Brian Krause (from Charmed)
  10. mark wahlberg
    kobe bryant

  11. 1. John Travolta
    2. Richard Gere
    3. Brian Williams
    4. Matt Lauer

  12. My biggest celebrity crush was the late Calvin Lockhart. He was a big hunk of sweet, sweet chocolate back in the day. He had real vintage sex appeal. Tall, dark, way too handsome. Gorgeous. They totally don't make them like that anymore.

    Currently, I think that DB Woodside (Buffy, 24) is the finest actor walking the face of the earth. My god, that brotha is amazing. I would pay to watch him eat a sandwich.

    I've also been known to have crushes on Blair Underwood (who still looks good), Isaiah Washington (before he got all crazy-homophobic), Ice Cube (can't really explain that one), and last but not least, Don Cheadle. I love, love, love, love, love, Don Cheadle. I am ending my list here, too many fine men, too little time!
  13. Branden Fraser.

    Al Pacino and Slyvester Stallone they way they looked 30 years ago!!!!
  14. I have

    Let's see....

    1. Johnny Depp --soooo him the most.:heart:
    2. Orlando Bloom -- because I think he looks like my fiance w/ long hair.;)
    3. John C. McGinnley --Dr. Cox from Scrubs, he is awesome on the show....
    4. Turk from Scrubs, but I can't remember his name -- what a cutie though.

    That's all I can think of for now.:P
  15. Ooh somebody else likes John Travolta goody!

    I saw somebody else today too - TJ King (Andy Trudou in Charmed Season 1) he's gorgeous.