Name this Stylistics song...

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  1. Which Stylistics song starts with carnival music?

    I'm racking my brain, but can't remember... and the clips online don't help because they never start from the beginning! Thanks!
  2. stylistics? is that a band/group? because i know xtina's new album (2nd disc) has a carnivale/circus theme and the first track starts off with carnival/vintage circus showtime music..
  3. frozen7313. It's a group from back in the day. I know what song you're talking about mangowife. Let me see if I can find it in my collection.
  4. LMAO Anyway, Is the song "betcha by golly wow" or "sideshow"?
  5. Sideshow, that might be it. It's definitely not betcha by golly wow.
  6. Ok, I just listened to sideshow. I'm pretty sure that's the song. But you know I just realized I don't have the original version on my Ipod. I have the Silk version. I need to remind myself to add my Best of the Stylistics album to my Ipod.
  7. hmm.. i just wiki'ed them. i must be too young to know. lol. *not trying to say you all are old or anything!* lol. i know some of my friends my age/etc listen to strictly music from 'back then' a lot too.. so dont feel bad. i feel bad! haha.
  8. Not offended. I'm 24. I just know everything about least I try.
  9. I'm not offended either... they were before my time, but I grew up listening to my dad's music... I love the "oldies"!

    Thanks everyone, I do believe it's "Sideshow", and the title totally makes sense, too! :smile:

    Thanks for the info about xtina's songs too... I will definitely check it out... is anyone going to see her when she tours?
  10. nah, I'm out of love with christina. I do like one song off her new's called Without You. That's the only one I bought from Itunes.
  11. yup def gonna see her. i'm gonna see her in vegas for my birthday with a friend, and then again 2 days later in anaheim as a continuation of my birthday celebration. lol.
  12. I heard Prince's version of Betcha By Golly Wow. (I didn't realize it was a cover.)

    Has anyone seen the video to that? The choreography is amazing and both versions are beautiful.
  13. I saw Christina in concert when she was on her Stripped tour.