name this & outlet trip

  1. i went to the outlet in edinburgh, indiana this sunday, and i must say i cant wait til payday!!! i found some red signature stripe agendas there on sale for $60 and im soooo getting one if they are any left. im so excited! my first agenda from coach! i wont get my hopes up until its in my hands...updates coming friday...

    i saw this purse...[​IMG] but it was small signature, had dark red where the white was, the middle stripe was silk with small red signature cs, and the right stripe was a lighter red, im awful but what is that one called? and do you have a picture? I LOVE it and if its still there i must have it.

    thanks a bunch ladies!
  2. How much was the purse going for?
  3. yes thats the bag! i LOVE LOVE it!!!!
    it was going for $260, good deal? i dont think i can live without it, and how cute would the crimson stripe agenda be to match?!
  4. I think it's a good deal, the red is soooo pretty!
  5. beautiful bag! i hope you get it. Post pics.
  6. they also had the legacy gold Madison clutch there on sale for $60 its gorgeous for a "going out" bag....might have to snatch that too!
  7. i just got the madison clutch this past weekend for $120! it's already reduced to $60?? that's an awesome deal!
  8. WOW!! I need to get down to Indiana... sounds like there you have some awesome deals there!!!

    You're not on the north side of IN by chance??? (Like the MI City, IN outlets??... even though I think the 3 hours drive is probably too far for a day trip... :sad: I thought about hitting those sometime when I am going back to IL though... )
  9. OMG are you serious?
    It was 139.99 this past weekend at the williamsburg outlet.
    I'll have to call and see if it's marked down.
    They only had one left
  10. The Hamptons bag is an awesome deal! And definitely grab the Madison if it's only $60! Congrats!
  11. yes get that bag and the agenda...they would look super cute together!!!!
  12. umm...go back to the outlet soon to get these deals.

    rule number 1 of the outlet..if you see it, grab it, buy it...might not be there a few days later.

    good luck!
  13. I just called that one (Edinburgh Premium Outlets
    Edinburgh, IN (Indianapolis Area)) and they said they only have the gold madison strap one (10470) and it's 139.99 =(
  14. bags4bubbles-i live in indianapolis, its about an hour away from the edinburgh outlets, ive never been to the michigan city outlets...

    my friend didnt have to jank my chain too bad to get me to go with to drool over the coach store, but it was an off week of paydays, so im really really hoping these are still there so i can have my goodies!!!! :nuts:

    i will never go there again without my credit cards!!!