Name this Chanel Bag.....Ideas for Cute white bags?

  1. Hi Everyone! Let me say I am new to this board,...but how much I love it! Although I think its shamelessly fueling my shopping obsession.

    I purchased my first Chanel this spring, and have since bought, a clutch, earrings, pearl necklace, ballet flats...yeah. Its addictive :smile:

    I saw this cute purse on eBay, and am dying for a cute fun white Chanel purse. Does anyone know its name? And if this was an actual style? Or if there is anything similar like this that'd be fun for the summer?
  2. I love this one *sigh*


  3. How much is this one???
  4. wow...I like the one from eBay...never saw it I really want it!!!
  5. I know I am totally in love with it....I just want to know someone has seen it before. And what its name is. I love the LV perforated, I didnt' know if Chanel made/has made a perforated ligne?
  6. hmm, i never saw that one before.. maybe you can post it in the authenticate this thread and ask the expert ladies there~
  7. I have seen this style before. I saw a navy blue tote from this line on final sale at Bergdorf's last June.:yes:
  8. How did it look up close and personal? Would you think it'd be a cute summer white purse? or are there better options out there? How much do you think it would hold inside? Its so hard to be able ot buy without looking at it.
  9. its very different..and cute! If dot is what you want, then, get it...or else someone else will grab it!

  10. I am loving these white bags. I need to take the plunge this Spring.
  11. i love that white bag from eBay !!!! so so pretty !