Name That MJ Bag!

  1. thank you! oddly, when I googled it, it was listed for sale on!
  2. That's a quinn hobo in medium I am pretty sure.
  3. Pretty sure it is from the lucky love line in Fall 2008 - it sort of looks like an Alice, but the Alice had a small handle as well as the long strap......
  4. Thanks so much for the help! xo
  5. Just had this bag authenticated. I am looking for the name. I am sure it is an older bag.

    Thanks in advance!!

  6. If I'm not mistaken, I believe it's called the Kristen.
  7. Yep, that is it! Thank you so much for your help!!!
  8. it's huge!!
    DSC00837.JPG DSC00838.JPG DSC00839.JPG DSC00840.JPG DSC00842.JPG DSC00844.JPG DSC00845.JPG DSC00846.JPG DSC00847.JPG
  9. Hello!!! I just bought this bag at a consignment shop and had it authenticated here! I am now wondering if anyone knows anything about it. Style name? Year produced? Estimated original retail? It seems to be an older style...Any info would be great!!! Thanks!!:biggrin:
    DSCN0123.JPG DSCN0124.JPG
  10. My mom just bought this bag from a Thrift store, can anyone please help identify it? It's pretty small in dimensions, but it's really adorable and has lime green and black zig zag lining. TIA 😄
    image-765724185.jpg image-17182117.jpg
  11. Is anyone familiar with this bag?
  12. I think it's referred to simply as the Quilted Hobo, from Fall 2005 in Ivory.
  13. Anyone?
  14. It is definately authentic and from the MBMJ line, looks like the ealier twisted Q Baby groove of some sort? Can you post pics of the made in tag and the side of the zipper head?

  15. Thanks!! Posted pics :smile: TIA