Name That MJ Bag!

  1. You are the best! Thank you! I found it online - it was selling for $495 at Norstroms...
  2. Hi there!

    Does anyone know the name of this MJ bag? I purchased it back in 2004,
    never used it and don't have a clue what the name is!

    Thank you in advance! :flowers:
    pf_ 055_PFupload.JPG
  3. this is a denim drawstring mj... I think? or is it early MBMJ?
  4. it was actually a freebie given away when MJ's first perfume 'blush' came out. it was free with a purchase of $XXX. he did them in black and a light pink, and in this larger size as well as the size of the pochette. i wanna say 2004-ish?
  5. Can someone please help me with identifying this bag? I recently won it on eBay and I absolutely ADORE it. I got a great deal on it and it is in excellent shape. It looks like a small version of the Blake bag, but I don't know if that is the official name. It's a small bag - appx. 10" x 6" x 4".

    Thank you!!


  6. Hello: Your tags are going to give you the "name" haha:p. This bag in the eggplant color was part of the Quinn line. They were identified simply as satchel, wallet, etc. I have a "New Tote" and "Pouch". Am attaching pics of others in the line in the eggplant color.
    Eggplant New Tote.jpg Eggplant-pouch-1.jpg Eggplant cammie 1.jpg Eggplant hobo.jpg Eggplant wallet 1.jpg
  7. Anyone know what this color is? It looks like a burgundy red color?

  8. looks like bordeaux
  9. thanks faith! :hugs:
  10. Does anybody recognize this? I'm not familiar with it and was wondering if someone may know the name, color and/or season. Thanks!

  11. it has a frog on it... not sure the name of collection or style of bag, help greatly appreciated!
    mj1.jpg mj2.jpg mj3.jpg mj4.jpg
  12. bordeaux bal harbour jimmie from resort 2010. retail was $1050

    it should have a tassel, by the way
  13. sooo ive been searching all day and cannot even find the name of the purse style this is :sad: still needing help if anyone knows .... thnks
  14. So ive searched the internet up and down and cannot for the life of me find the style of this purse anywhere, nor pricing. im quite confused, i saw a little tiny clutch for 495$ but nothing the same shape as my bag... :sad: i really want to know about this spring 2008 frog purse but i can find nothing.
  15. Does anyone recognize this style? It's 9.5" tall..

    Thank you so much for the help!