Name that Hermes Bag??

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  1. AMC is showing Alfred Hitchcock's The Man Who Knew to Much with Doris Day (1956). There is a scene where Doris is trying to get into the church with the police, to find hubby Jimmy Stewart. She is carrying what appears to be a Hermes black bag. Would it be the Kelly bag? (i.e. because of the era?)? She continues to wear it in the opera as she continues her attempts find Hank.

    Anyway DD looks stunning with the bag; it compliments her tight houndstooth peplin suit. Wowzer! What's so cool this retro look is coming back.

    Curious if you know the film and the bag?:amuse: Anyway this purse alone makes the film worth the viewing.
  2. I'm afraid I don't know the film :nogood:.
  3. It's the classic movie where Doris belts out her song Ka sera sera, what ever will be will be.

    The thing about Doris Day, in her day (excuse the pun) the gal was an icon for fashion, perfectly coiffed to the ninth degree. Her hair shiny/stunning in an upswept do, crowned with a small tilted, black beret, which btw is complimenting the black hound's tooth peplin suit. Her posture is board straight as she elegantly swifts through a busy crowd, masterfully manuvering her shiny black platform pumps, all the while sporting elegant white gloves. But the cu de gra is an iconic Hermes bag dangling from the crook of her arm (don't forget the perfect back drop, the peplin suit) as Doris runs in fear, pushes through cathedral doors, leaps boundless steps (remember this is an Alfred Hitchcock film) all the while the Hermes is dangling along with Doris, tantalizing and tempting it's viewers with it's stunning presence..

    Whoooow, I'm aging myself. I wonder how many people would be clueless as to who she is if I posted her on Star sightings with designer bags???????????????:idea:
  4. Google DD and look at her pictures on the Alfred Hitchcocks movie, "The Man who know too Much"
  5. [​IMG]

    Susie - is this the bag? It's not an Hermes, but similar styling.

    I think I'm the only person in the entire world that loathes Doris Day and Elvis Presley!! LOL!!!

    FAB job Edith Head did with wardrobe, though.
  6. Did you know, she wore the white gloves at Hitchcock's request? He was SO enamoured of Grace Kelly, who wore white gloves to her very first casting with him (Dial M for Murder), that he insisted the other actresses he worked with followed suit?
  7. GF that's a neat little factoid. He apparently had good taste.

    And my GOD does your signature crack me up.

  8. Girlfriend you are a wonderful detective. Excellent mole work. I have a naive eye (obviously) when it comes to scouting out authentic Hermes and it's okay that you don't like Doris, LOL (or Elvis).

    Didn't Edith Head also dress (among MANY STARLETS) Lana Turner (so jaw dropping in her clothes)??