Name suggestions

  1. my friend is opening his own store for casual wear. it's supposed to sell clothes for men and women, very casual and very chic at the same time. he asked me to suggest a name and now i'm totally lost. every name i come up with kinda sounds too couture or too funky.

    i told him Fidele, which means faithful in french, but the name is already taken by a brand.

    let's hear your suggestions. think of names that are funky and casual and nice, a name of a store that you'd step in.
  2. London
  3. Zimeton
  4. ^^I think those are good names
  5. Echo: (of an object, movement, or event) be reminiscent of, or have shared characteristics with. A blue suit that echoed the color of her eyes.

    I would want to go into a clothing store called Echoes
  6. How about 'Faves'?
  7. For Him & Her.
  8. Beau et Belle= handsome and pretty, men and women

    Or what about a name? I really like stores that have a strong, one-word name ( ex. there's a very tony boutique in my city called Julius)- Danver's, Schaffer's, Anthony etc.

    orwhat about simply Vetements? (french word for clothes)
  9. Something with the word "atelier" in it perhaps?
  10. Presidente
  11. Breeze
  12. Karis (or Karys)
    It's Greek for grace.
  13. You've got some good suggestions here!
  14. These are great suggestions:yes: I like the simplicity of Beau et Belle.....