Name of chanel purse?

  1. Hi girls! So I am totally new to this forum. I am normally in the LV thread. But not too long ago i was in the mall and came across I walked in. LOVE that store. Anyways I saw a bag that looked like a bucket bag that cinched at the top, with the chain strap I believe. I THINK that it was quilted. Does this ring a bell with anyone? I'm hoping you Chanel lovers will know which bag I am tlaking about. Also, does anyone know what the price is on that one?
  2. Hmm Chanel Expandable Tote?

    You might wanna check out the Reference Library, very informative. :yes: Good luck!
  3. It does sound like the Expandable tote. But can't be sure without a pic.
  4. Good idea! I totally didn't think about that! :wacko: